Must see/do in Venice

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by Steven, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. As this is the font of all knowledge (along with a cesspit of decrepitude of course) I thought I would see if the worldy wise denizens of Arrse had an useful input.

    I am taking the Missus for a short 3 day trip to Venice. This is the first visit for both of us and I was wondering what was considered the must see/do things on a short trip.

    Suggestions with a bit of decorum gratefully received.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  3. Worth wandering down the platform at the main railway station to look inside the Orient Express carriages. Tezinis is a great shop for underwear. Oh and the Grand Canal is worth a look too. The Bellinis are bloody expensive in St Mark's Square ...
  4. Train spotting and buying knickers plus looking at a canal?

    Living the dream or what :)
  5. I think it is quite a tourist 'trap' and in fact that place helped me really understand what it means. I've been a few times as can visit as part of work trips.

    Shop around, get a good room and book in advance.
    Decide in advance what you are going to shell out for and go and visit too. So that you can relax and enjoy what you have decided to do/pay for. eg a gondola tour is/was about €60 with a bit of haggling.

    Be prepared to queue for things like going up the towers etc. Or learn when to go to avoid it.

    Personally I'd try and stock up on basics like water, soft drinks etc as the local shops are rip-off-city man. stuff like that annoys me personally. Look on tripadvisor etc to find a good hotel and get/check recommendations about restaurants.

    It is part of an archipeligo. Get out on the ferries and visit some of the islands. The whole place is meant to be seen by water. See crafts like glass-blowing etc. Learn some of the Venetian history which is impressive.

    Don't, even if its the last room you can find, book a single room on one of the tiniest islands, arrive on the last ferry, and have a surly Austrian receptionist refuse to let both of you in ie only one, give the room to your bird and she go in, have her chat to him later and sneak back in whilst he was distracted with her questions, then let yourself down from the rooms iron balcony using your leather belt to the street below the next morning to avoid detection. Just saying, in case you are tempted. :eek:)

  6. Absolutely. I got to run over the canal on a specially constructed pontoon then round St Mark's Square. They even gave me a medal !

    Venice Marathon 23 Oct 11 043.jpg
  7. I'd love to go knicker-shopping with FMOP in Venice.

    (Not for me to wear. Just make that clear. OK maybe try on. No photos.)
  8. Ran with that tray? Amazing that you didn't spill the Bellinis nor their strawberry garnish fall off! What clever hands.
  9. It's not just me ...

    Waiters Race | Course des garcons de cafe
  10. Don't be tempted by a cappicino in St. Marks Square, €15 or so about 10 years ago as I recall. I had the best spagetti vongole of my life in some little hole in the wall near the Campo St. Angelo, buggered if I can recall the name of the place though.
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I'd disagree. It may be a bloody fortune but sitting in the sun in St Marks is one of those things that has to be done. I agree about the prices, but it's what you pay for the experience.

    Visit the glassblowing out on the islands (there's a bus).
  12. Well I'm a cheap bugger, and I enjoyed my Nastro Azzuro in one of the Campos abit further away, less chance of a shithawk crapping in it too.
  13. I spent a couple of months there on a NATO exercise. Don't buy anything from the cafés that line St Marks, you only have to go round the corner and the prices are a fraction. Your Mrs will love Murano and the glass factory is well worth a visit. Whilst I was there, there was a huge Communist Party rally, two of us wondered into it by mistake but they collared hold of us and insisted we had some grub and some beer. We ended up having a brilliant time.

    Try to find unobtrusive out of the way cafés and restaurants if you want authentic food well prepared and cheep red to wash it down with. Walking round and looking at the architecture is fantastic with so many beautiful buildings and just jump on the water bus to island hop, take your camera. Palace of the Doges and the Roof of Leads are high on the tourist agenda. Take advantage of having taken her to one of the most romantic cities in the world and enjoy! Gondolas are very expensive but they do kind of set the mood!
  14. So far it's been, look at trains, don't drink the water and beware of being ripped off for a coffee.

    Sounds like it is going to be a real fun weekend :)

    Or at least a very expensive weekend.!