Must Pass PFT/CFT even if MLD for SCLM and ACFC?

Discussion in 'REME' started by SpannerSpanker, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Not sure, but heard on the grapevine that they are changing the requirements for SCLM and ACFC that even if you are downgraded MLD you must pass a PFT and CFT? Seems a little unfair and maybe discriminates against some people, as their are plenty out there who wear the ranks be it tiffy or artisan that are downgraded and able to carry out their jobs and go on tour and seems as if in a way it might be a career stopper for some people if they cant progress for that reason but can still go on tour!! Anyone else heard anything about this?
  2. You need to start reading Corps Instructions, it's all there in black and white.

    Reme Arms School stopped accepting biffs on ACFC III on 01/01/10, CLM policy changed early this year.

    Keep up Trigger.
  3. If your downgraded your not getting promoted is what I hear thesedays.
  4. Agreed, the Tech Elec tiffy course that joined mine on ACFC III was almost 50% biffed, not that it really mattered as only 1 of them got a posting to the field army. The rest were posted to Arborfield and Abbey Wood.

    This was another poorly managed change though. The requirement to be pass PFT, CFT was introduced 7 weeks before the end of an 18 month long course. A friend of mine who had elected to have a knee op during the course so as not to affect his deployability whilst at a unit, found that he could no longer complete the course he had started over 12 months previously. I agree with the change in principal but the changes should have been implemented at the start of the course.

    Even if biffs do deserve to be pelted with rotten fruit and mocked in the street, it's a little unfair to let them invest that much time and effort into a course and then move the goalposts whilst they are still on it, career fouling them in the process.
  5. If you are downgraded there is no requirement to pass a PFT during ACFC III. You must be physically able to complete the Training Objectives, however passing a PFT is not one of them.
  6. Really since when? What about CFT?
  7. Shooting from the hip slightly, however, I think the command course ‘test of choice’ for al A&SD’s is the AFT (CFT in old money) as the PFA is a personal assessment.

    I am more than willing to be shot down though :-D
  8. A/CFT BFT/BPFA/PFA/PFT same shit different name!

    Quite possibly CAARPS, on CLM.

    I was referring to ACFC III, I know for certain that on mine I completed 2 PFTs and a CFT. I also know as fact that some of our less robust Tiffy Students (half of the techy spankers) sat them out. Had they been unfortunate enough to start the course this year they wouldn't be scrolling. Just to prove I'm not out to tech bash, the same could have been said of a fair number of the students from Bordon in recent years, particularly the Warhammer playing contingent.
  9. Spaz,

    Surely that couldn't happen in this beloved professional Corps, could it?

    Top 10% of the Army I heard (well, would be top 2% if it wasn't for the VM spankers dragging the rest down) - and with figures like that, you'd expect nothing but the best - always keeping you in the loop, investing in people and so on...
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  10. Completely agree with regard to the names, however, Tis the military way to constantly change and evolve (or in reality go around in circles) :biggrin:

    I think a few portly chaps (and Chapeses) are now beginning to smell the coffee. As a fully manned army we are in the ‘Fitness First’ part of the cycle (it will change when we are undermanned again) and one of the easiest ways to gauge performance with minimum effort are fitness tests.

    Unfortunately while we are undertaking the ‘Fatty’ purge some genuinely hard working lads with legitimate injuries will fall by the wayside as well (but there are not as many of that type around as some people would make out).

    The new Operational Fitness Tests (OFT’s) are another sign that physical Fitness and robustness is becoming ever more prominent
  11. As said above the PFA/AFT are not part or the TOs therefore not a requirement as there is no MATTs training on career courses (Corps Instr 6) and if you are unable to complete TOs in line with the risk assessment for CLMs in Corps Instruction 6 and ACFC in Corps Instruction 5 then your are not to complete the course, not to get promoted and possible PAP 10 action for being medically unfit to complete your job/role.... this is a harsh way of looking at things but it is the direction they are taking. Being downgraded myself and still deployable i take an interest in the way this shapes up...
  12. Personally I think the whole thing is a little bit of a joke.

    Yes I am one of those people that apparently deserves to be pelted with rotten fruit as I am downgraded. I have had Op on knee and working my hardest to get P2. Currently I am P3 MLD and deploying to Afghan soon. I am able to carry out my job to a high standard but unable to run 10 miles or carry weight for long distances as things stand with my injury.

    In the last six months I have been refused promotion after coming off the board, after a few calls to Glasgow it seems that I scored very highly but being P3(T) means I cannot be promoted......but I can go on tour !!! One which I volunteered for by the way.

    I have also been turned down for a JCLM as the civvy doctor would not sign the Risk assessment. Couldnt see an MO as they all off on a swan for a month.

    So now I am stuck marking time in rank. Doing my job, in my opinion at one rank higher than I am being paid for and if I cant get my injury squared away and become P2 then have little to no chance of promotion.

    Meanwhile a guy that is P2, plays sports and is average at his job gets promotion over me. A fair system ? I agree that P3/7 MND guys how cant do their job or deploy should be closely looked at but there should be some middle ground here surely.

    Yes I am a little bitter but no I wont be signing off. Rather be pushed than jump as thing stand at the moment as I enjoy the Army. This one issue has made me question why I am working in an organisation that I feel I have worked hard to do the right thing but because of an injury sustained while on Ex I am being penalised.

    Rant over.....Out
  13. Just an observation im out on Herrick at the moment and posted as soon as i get back, ive just been told off the boss that the place im going at my rank there is only me out of 16 that is deployable with a tour next april coming out here again, is the corp that strapped for deployable people or is there a lot swinging the lead, ive got a sneaking suspicion that of the people they offered veng at there 15 year point no so long ago a sizeable proportion were sick lame or lazy, did the reme mcm shoot themselves in the foot.