Must I still join the infantry?

I came to the U.K. about a year and a half ago with the purpose to join the army.It is something I wanted to do for a long time.Ever since I went to my local recruitment office and started the whole process things has gone pear shaped for me.It has only been one disaster after the other.(I won`t go into detail)I can go to selection (again)in about 2 weeks but I don`t know if I must just rather go back home and try to start a life there.I feel very unmotivated some days and my training has suffered a bit under it but I can still pass selection in the shape that I am now.

I would appreciate any advice.thank you
only you know whether you're wanting to go home or not...

seem's you need to ask yourself what you want, not us. Any doubts will only grow when things get hard..
I have realized that if I give up now on my dreams then I will only give up on future dreams when trouble will stare me in the face.I won`t be like most people and give up when times get tough.To be successful in life you have to be persistent and persevere.I will kick adversity in the nuts and I will persevere in my goal.
Obstacles are things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals. I forget who said that, but it's true. Also keeping in mind that 'pain is weakness leaving the body' helps me out sometimes! :) Best of luck with everything

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