must haves for op tour???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by MILLAN, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Any suggestions to what would be a smart idea to take with you on op tour?
  2. A sense of humour :)
  3. BODY ARMOUR :!:
  4. Two sides that are fighting each other?

    A weak Government?
  5. Your SA80 would be a good start, i suppose ammo,and a few magazines wouldnt go a miss either. :wink:

    Some sun cream? 8)

    Some rocking horse sh1t if you can find it! (you may be able to swap it for some buiscuit brown if you lucky) :roll:
  6. know a cheerful subbie with some yummy, slightly aged compo that might be useful :D and some very old beer if I remember...........
  7. ok all good but i was thinkin along the lines of personal items e.g can you take a laptop? is it worth buyin any kit?
  8. More than two pairs of underpants.
  9. Yourdelf and a passport
  10. An even number of socks.
  11. Plastic pussy and lube
  12. Anything with custard....not forgetting custard of course....and as a poor second a woman with the IQ of a lemon and huge easily into your kit :lol: