Must-have walting item

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wessex_warrior, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Phwoar!!! Gimme gimme gimme
  2. I'm there
  3. Walting is right.


    8 years in the RAF and has the LSGC(RAF)! Also Gulf War (1) and Jubilee Medal.

  4. Wahhhhhhhh!!!!!
  5. Ive seen such certificates on E-bay but RMP ones. Just fill in the blank space with your name!!
  6. Anybody fancy putting in an order for 49 Para?

    Wait... I'll ask him and post the reply here!
  8. Walt-tastic!

    The rub is that he only has limited space :( Where can I fit in my GCMG, Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and my Croix de Guerre with Palm leaves? There is also not enough room to show all the Regiments and Batteries with which I have served: RCT, EMUOTC, PARA, RMAS, RA (various Bty cyphers and crests).

    I wonder if the colour printer on his kitchen table can print up to A3 size?

    If so he could include the handwritten note I got from Her Maj for being first through the window of the Iranian Embassy and for being an all-round saviour of her Realm!
  9. Check this out, as seen on E-bay!!

  10. Oi I was first through the window of the Iranian Embassy!
  11. gave an SAS PSI an egg banjo once, think I'll put that one down too..."served with" is a wonderfully loose phrase.
  12. I think we will find him on here!! I will give him some sh1t for aiding and a betting walts!!!
  13. And you stood on my hand, you cnut. (I was undercover).
  14. WALT. everyone knows it was me