Muslims = Wifebeaters

It's a funny old world where a Muslim is named after a brand of alcohol.


The terrorism and the silly man-dresses have served to put me off Islam in the past, but in all fairness I think they might be on to something with this one.
I've read it, it's just a revamped version of

'She bleedin' asked for it!'

By Mr D.Waterman esq.
Now now, it's their culture so we can't go criticising.
They mignt take it out on the wife.
Fuckin' amatuers, needing a book...... 'Wife beating for Dummies.'.


Having just received a displeasing text message of a domestic nature I can now confirm I fully support this muslamic policy.
I don't know how the pious teetotalers manage it, takes at least five pints of stout and a fiver lost on horse to get the average chaps gander up round my way.
Burn the book! Burn the book! Burn the book!
Had the "pleasure" of spending a few hours in Bagram this week just gone. The Yank who was dealing with me wasn't impressed when I asked him if he had anything to burn to take the chill away.

No sense of humour.


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