Muslims who hate us can get out, says Tory

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. About time somebody stepped up to the plate and put their neck on the line! :D

    Quelle suprise, the liberals have criticised him for stirring up inter-racial hate. Only problem is that a leading muslim MP has backed his stance!

    Welldone that man!

  2. Well done Gerald, I fully support that man in what he said.

    Immigrants who cant accept our laws and culture should leave.
  3. It's all very well a mainstream politician voicing common sense. But as we all know - the words mean bugger all without the corresponding actions. It is, of course, typical that whining pinkos have branded this 'likely to stir racial hatred.' It was their wet attitude towards these criminals which has caused us all the bother.

    The government needs to grow some cojones and forcibly eject its enemies.. Im holding out hope for some kind of 'A-Team' like vigilante group to nail those maggots who keep appearing on Newsnight and spouting inflammatory sh1te because they never got any of mummy's attention.

    But to have someone even say something like this, in these times, is a good start, I think. Here's to you, Howarth.
  4. Well done Gerald, a move in the right direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Does he have a slender majority?

    Perhaps he doesn't have many Muslim voters in his constituency?

    Perhaps he's been up to no good and is seeking to divert attention from something else?

    There'll be some self-seeking or politically expedient reason for him to come out of the woodwork. That much can be virtually guaranteed. As for Mr Sarwar's comments, we're not civilised and we're not democratic (whatever that means)
  6. Sarnian , your reply edited.

    I'd appreciate a grown-up discussion on this topic, as opposed to "Open the pits". I think I'll also open another topic on his comments today where he actually twisted what Jack Straw meant.

    There isn't a leadership contest coming up in the Tory party is there?
  7. So shocked was I by a politician spouting something closely resembling common sense in these days of the Government being tied up in knots by PC nonsense that I sent him a congratulatory e-mail here...

    Believe me, thats the first time Ive ever contacted a politician with anything positive to say.
  8. Either contribute something useful or do one!

    Do you agree with him or not?
  9. I know this may seem tasteless, but has anyone noticed how since the terrorist attacks, the government (and the media) have finally woken upto the problem that is radical islam.

    Perhaps, somne good will come out of their premature deaths, or will it all be hot air and no real action taken?
  10. Fcukin' Hell!!! I agree with a Tory. Mother, pass me my pills.
  11. .I totally agree with what Gerard says

    If people want to live in Britian they should adapt to live by British rules,and be of use to the country not have Britian adapt to them and give them hand outs

    I am dam sure if some one decided to live in Iran, Eygpt, or where ever it would be them that had to blend in with the society, not stand there spouting off stuff to try and turn people on there own country. If that happend in a arab nation you would probablly be stoned to death or something.
  12. At last some truth and common sense. I have emailed to give suppoert.
  13. frigging hell i cant believe it...i had to read it twice...can a tory who lives in an ivory tower really know what us real people having been saying for years? If we were to live in their country, we would have to abide by their rules and laws...hell all you have to do is look at gulf war 1 and the way the saudis made us hide anything religious in the desert..thanks time we should let you lot rot in hell under some ruthless dictator...opps you already were....they come to this country and then tell us that they want to change to a similar country to the one that they just left and came here claiming that they were under a sentence of death in that country.....nah if they like OUR country...GO HOME....or in the case of the ones born here...move to saudi and dont come back...we wont miss you....

    Oh before anyone says you rasisct...i aint...just fed up being told they have more rights than me.....
  14. As has been mentioned, words are cheap. When i start seeing those words being put into some form of action i'll be impressed.
  15. I would have thought that standing on a soapbox encouraging all and sundry to tear down the mechanisms of state and replace them with a theological dictatorship was treason. Why, oh why can we not prosecute them for treason?

    It's like our local news reporting on the case of the ned that killed a 2 year old with an air gun, after all the calls for new laws etc to "enable the police to do something" had died down the media reports that he has actually been charged for 16 separate offences.

    We don't need new laws, we just need a will to prosecute existing ones. Oh and a wall of sandbags in a corner of the prison courtyard where we can take worthless politicians for a last look at life.