Muslims reported July 21 bomber to police two years ago.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. The letter does not say anything about "terrorists or bombs" it said "....the gang had been "inciting racial and religious hatred in the community......It informed police that they were spreading extremist literature and views, and had been targeting moderate leaders of the mosque for abuse. "

    The police did take note because "...... CCTV was installed in the mosque after they contacted the Met, and there was also more visible police presence in the area."
  2. Alternatively the police didn't do anything because sadly inciting hatred and talking nasty boll'ocks wasn't even an offence.
  3. Inciting 'racial hatred' not an offence? I think you are misinformed.
  4. Two years ago it wasn't.

    Edited. Religious hatred that is, as in this instance. Nobody is talking about racial hatred.
  5. The guy was inciting racial hatred - that was one of the reasons he was reported to the police. Read the article.
  6. Your topic title is on about "the bomber being reported 2 yrs ago", there is no mention of the word bomber in the letter to the police, you are spinning this to make it seem that 2 yrs ago the rozzers knew he was a bomber.
  7. And what evidence was there?
  8. What on earth are you talking about? The topic header says 'July 21 bomber reported to the police two years ago'. Nobody said anything about him being reported as a terrorist in 2003 apart fom you. He was reported for 'inciting racial and religious hatred'. The former is a crime in the UK (and was a crime at the time) which is punishble between 2 and 7 years in prison. The latter should have given cause for him to be investigated and monitored, given that since September 11, extremism amongst young Muslims has been widely seen as a cause of concern by the British authorities. If the Muslim community is going to report extremists to the police, the police needs to take them seriously, not just 'increase presence at mosques'.
  9. I don't know. I know nobody did anything about this guy. I know that only two years later the guy tried to kill many innocent civilans on the tube. I hope the British authorities will take the threat of Islamic extremists a bit more seriously now.
  10. So if I report you to the plod for something now without any evidence, you'd expect them to lock you up just in case you do something nasty in a couple of years?
  11. I suppose the Mosque leaders just made up all those allegations. And it's just a bizarre 'co-incidence' that this same guy tried to blow up dozens of innocent people on the tube a couple of years later.

    Some good quotes from the leader of Stockwell mosque:

    "We could not have been more explicit. It was put in such a manner that it should have been taken seriously"

    "the gang were inciting racial and religious hatred in the informed police that they were spreading extremist literature and views, and had been targeting moderate leaders of the mosque for abuse."

    ""But sadly the authorities failed to assess the level of the threat"

    Sorry, but after the events of July 7/21 people have to get their heads out of the sand about these kind of fanatics.
  12. The original Channel 4 News Report makes for interesting reading :(

    Hopefully not for too much longer!

    News Report Transcript
  13. The leaders of the mosque did the right thing, no question. But it reflects badly on them now when they are trying to blame the police for failing to prevent the bombings. With the evidence the police had (or rather didn't have) there was absolutely nothing they could have, or should have, done.

    Perhaps if the mosque had preached about how dangerous extremist islam is before the bombings, they might not have happened.

    Did they tell their congregations they had told the Old Bill? No? Why do you suppose that is?
  14. Read the channel 4 report, Osman was telling others in the mosque that the trustees were not being true Muslims and that the mosque was not following true 'Islamic teachings'. The congregation would have been aware of the matter, especially when Osman sent a letter to the mosque in response of the Trustee's letter to the police demanding their removal. It's safe to say that many in the congregation knew what the Trustee had done and supported the measure. Also if the elders in the Mosque were not concerned about extremist Islam why did they go to the Police about Osman and his activities?