Muslims religion ,what went wrong?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. at one time the the muslim religion used to be a peaceful religion and progressive at that too.
    Mohammad treated women as equals and urged all his followers to search for knowledge and improve the life of the people, tolerance to the people of the book (Jews and Christians), it is to the muslim scholars that we owe a debt in preserving the knowledge of the ancients , greek mytholigies, surgical techniques, numbers, scientific advancement, Cgarity and hospitals.
    at some point they went backward and became aggressive, divisive, theocratic and conservative.

  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The same as what has repeatedly gone wrong in Christianity.

    One can manipulate scripture to prove whatever one wants.

    For example, the religious right tell us that homosexuals are damned because it says so in the bible; if you challenge them they trot out the bit in Leviticus about "lying with a man as if he is a woman..." etc.

    They never trot out the other bits in Leviticus such as the bans on eating shellfish or pigs.

    If they want to be literal then they have to admit that shagging a bloke and eating cockles are bth against God's will.
  3. i agree, its not the first time christianity has be subverted for personal gain, muslim also have a lot of bad press, the key is how to put it right for all religions.
  4. Maybe realising they worship the same God?
  5. Simple, it's bo**ocks.

    Islam from the start was a military violent religion brought by and for the sword. Read your history.

    The muslim so called *scholars* got most of their knowledge from sacked Christian and Jewish libraries and universities. It was the pig ignorant crusading west that thought the ancient knowledge was *muslim* when they went of to the Holy land (and incidently sacked the last truly great ancient Christian city of Constantinople)

    Have a nice day now :D
  6. As i've said before(since they put the fatwa on me) Islam is the ravings of a schizophrenic mental case who was convinced that Jibril(Archangel Gabriel)was giving him the message about life,the universe and everything.This message consists ofa rehash of other older "true messages" from Zoroaster,Akhenaten,Sabaen solar and lunar worship,the worship of wind gods,curiously phallic black stones,theIsis cult and other ancient semitic beliefs.This was written down some time after the death of the Prophet(PBUH) by infallible scribes who like the writers of the Bible never get anything wrong ever.This cult then became schismatic and like present day cross-eyed Tenessee Baptists started hating each other as well as the unbeliever(Kafir).They of course never exploit any of this for personal advantage :roll: and their "fundamentalists" are deep down decent peace-loving saints :!:
  7. This Islamist revival started in the mid 70s. The Frogs exported the Allatola Khomeni to Iran, to improve the military exports i suspect and opened another frog can of worms.
  8. Religous rivalry = my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend
  9. Oh my. Had
    the flap on Jargon re: this issue.

    Good on those that have done their homework. The mythical "Islam of peace and equality" never existed.

    Just as Christianity has a built in expansion device regarding spreading the word, Islam has always been a violent cult of militaristic gain.

    Please don't even start on "the equality of women" :roll: until you can name the women Mohamad had killed, or the name of the child with whom he had sex.
  10. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Aishah, one of his wives, was 9 when he married her. He also married his cousin and ex- aughter-in- law Zaynab after receiving a most fortuitous 'revelation' from Allah telling him that it was quite okay once his son had divorced her. Makes Henry VIII look like an amateur!
  11. Wow, to simple to be true, but so bloody accurate...

  12. Semper wrote:
    If Mohammad married a smalley girl then he certainly did treat all women equal (if not as equals). I'd heard the 'Mo the Molester' jibe before but couldn't have named the victim. PF is well read.

    Stand by for Fatwah on Arrse members for dissin' the prophet. 8O
  13. I've seen several websites which state that is not correct.

    Even more disturbingly, they say Mohammed married her when she was 6; the girl was 9 when the marriage was consumated.

    A health warning - one of these sites is ran by ex Moslems; the other is Hindu. Therefore, neither would be expected to be sympathetic to Islam; there are plenty of Moslem sites around, if anybody wants to read an opposing view.
  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I have read that too, but I was trying to be generous in giving the later age. My info is from "Unveiling Islam" by the brothers Ergun Mehmet Caner & Emir Fethi Caner, both ex-muslims who are now professors of theology in America (And yes I know that often means, roughly, Senior Lecturer in this neck of the woods). They and another brother are American ex-Muslims who were disowned by their father when they left the Muslim faith after personal struggles with it, so the book is written from a certain angle, but they try to be as fair and balanced as they can as the book's preface acknowledges the pain of being seperated from their father for 21 years until he lay on his death bed and was prepared to see them again. Their cards are on the table - they acknowledge all this from the outset.

    But the book is a fascinating 'insiders' look at Islam from people who grew up in the Islamic faith and have a deep cultural understanding of it. It is published by Monarch and the ISBN is 1-85424-642-9 for anyone who might like to order it. If anyone wants to understand how Islamisist minds work, they need to read the chapter, "Clash of Cultures: Christianity through the eys of a Muslim".
  15. Thanks for the source, it sounds like an interesting read.