Muslims protest over terror raid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I find this report deeply disturbing. In that report the word 'community' and its' variants occurs eight times. In each case, the BBC or the PR graduate who has used it means, of course; 'racial interest group' or 'religious interest group'. Taken in conjunction with the inflammatory attitude of the new 'leader' of the 'Muslim Council of Britain', Muhammad Abdul Bari, I can fully understand the bulging veins and heightened blood pressure of many a pub debater.

    I suppose that so long as I, my wife and children aren't shredded by shrapnel or die in the uniquely nasty way that nerve or blood agent causes when one of the undoubted hundreds of deeply stupid latent perpetrators of extreme Islamic terrorism decides to inflict it on the Great British Community, I should tolerate, tolerate and tolerate a little more.

  2. Things surely are changing here, and I think its about time the silent majority actually stood up and voiced their opinion to these fools and
    people like them such as animal rights, BNP, irish republicans, New Labour hell even ken livingstone and his band. All of them acting very on British.
    But how does one go about becoming the non silent majority :?
  3. Baldwin, Saladin and Jacob's Ford have a lot to answer for for this sorry excuse of disturbed children that don't play nicely with others 'community'.

    I've never really cared about which of the three strands of a particular middle eastern piece of folklore one believes in, each to their own (and the padre always had chockies and fags in clink) but these fu'ckers are building up a backlash in this country amoungst the great unwashed which oneday will be unleashed by our 'glorious' right wing political parties!

    There was I time I would have stood the line to keep the sides apart and protect the innocent. Doesnt seem the muslime innocent are helping themselves by educating and disciplining their own about the better sides of islam (which Im sure there are, but can't think of any for the life of me).
  4. A stop was put to that in my home town when the silent majority of the real muslim coummunity kindly asked the nutters to shut-up or move-out. They left.
  5. Respect to them!
  6. Previous experience has shown that running amok for a period of time is a helpful indicatorof disquiet, of course our Met Plod thought Police and home grown Gestapo will beat you in an instant as the Countryside Alliance protests demonstrated.
  7. Did anyone watch channel 4 news (it may have been BBC actually, I know that I swapped from one to the other) where a young man from the protest was 'interviewed'? I can't recall his exact wording but it was along the line of "We only listen to Allah and follow his rules. Why can't you get it through your thick skulls, we don't listen to you, only Allah."

    Sorry not to get the wording right, or in fact provide a link or anything, but I personally found the anger and belief in the young man's voice very disturbing.
  8. Oh dear, how sad, never mind!
  9. I say give them all a one way plane ticket to some country with ends in 'stan and see how they like it there without their precious benifits and welfare state.
  10. Get your head up over the parapet, DG. Say what you feel.
  11. Must be something to the book Londinistan then.

  12. A fringe group was involved, its our old friend Anjem Choudhary and the al-Mojos/al-Gurabaa or whatever they call themselves now...bunch of wasters with nothing better to do.

    In fact the sister of the two brothers (who've both now been released without charge) told people to stay away from this protest for that very reason.
  13. I just can't contain my indifference.
  14. The worst thing about this is that the governments (Past and present) turned a blind eye to all of this with the attitude of "As long as you don't blow anything up on our doorstep and we'll leave you alone" this has now bitten us all on the arse. I read in the Times last week that the French were going to snatch Abu "Cap'n Hook" Hamsa, because they were concerned that he was involved with Terror squads that were going to do attrocities during the '98 world cup. The government said no you can't have him for questioning (Similiar to the American request actually before we put him in the clink). They said that DCSE (I think that's right, French Secret service) were going to come over tooled up and take him from his bed. They said they weren't concerned about MI5/6 as they would have turned a blind eye to it all but were concerned about a shoot out with the local coppers. Anyway before they got the green light they made a break through and arrested the cells in France, even the Germans helped out an arrested a cell that was perparing explosives! phoney likes to talk tough on terror but is actually the light weight of Europe, for years they (Europe) have said that the extremist groups in Londonistan will turn on us. How right they are.... :(

    The majority of muslims are very nice people, since being out I have worked with a few. Even they are disgusted by all of this. But I believe the issue is that this Multi-cultural milarky is the main reason why there are so many dis-illusioned young angry people. Because of this I think we have actually made it worse for ethnic groups to fit in with the main stream. The poor buggers have been compartmentalised and labelled as an ethnic minority for all to see.

    Sorry to rant on, but in the 8 years I have been out I have seen a change in society, it's not looking pretty. :( It's a bloody shame....
  15. As these muslim extremist scum don't seem to like the UK why don't they p*ss off and seek asylum in some islamic crap hole...Oh hang on they came here to escape the islamic crap hole in the first place, a place where they wouldn't get a benefits or be allowed to protest. So they'll stay and try and turn the UK into an islamic crap hole by peaceful means like blowing up tube trains and the like. All this because w*nker blair won't stand up to them rather appease and pander to them rather like that tw*t did to the Nazis.