Muslims in the field

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by HantsTiger, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. This is not a racist/ bigoted message - Im just curious... There is a muslim lad in out unit who washes his arse with his water bottle every time he goes for a dump in the field. is this standard practise? I only mention because he had screech orange drink in there the other day and we could hear him howl from across the harbor area :)
  2. Possibly hes just hygenic?
  3. He claims its for religious reasons. And hes not hygenic - he drinks out of the same bottle.
  4. Pouring the water out doesnt render the contents dirty, no matter where the water goes once its left the bottle. If he says its for religious reasons it must be - its it really hold any bearing on your opinion of him? His effectiveness? Probably not
  5. *laughing ludicrously at the fact he howled when the screech hit his arse*

  6. Muslims eat only with their right hand, and use the left for arrse-cleaning, as it is apparently the devil's hand. They only use water to clean themselves after taking a dump, although there are special dispensations when none is available.
  7. Some of them have a small water jug they take to the bog. There is a new program on the telly called "Sharia TV", on Channel 4 at midnight. It has a bunch of Muslim Brit clerics and scholars in the studio, and the audience asks them about interpreting Islamic law, Fatwas etc while living in the UK. Very interesting, worth a watch, if only once. To give an example, one of the old clerics explained that classically, Jihad is defined as partly an internal struggle against temptation, as much as an external struggle against the infidel. At least I think that was what he was saying, I was slightly pissed at the time.
  8. The strange Psyops Naval she-male at Basra Airport made a big point of this when briefing us at the start of Telic 2. Turned out to be horseshit. I frequently scoffed with Iraqis in their houses and in cafes, and while mostly they put the food in their mouths with their right hand, they pick it up and pass it with their left or their right, whichever is most convenient.