muslims in the army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kay44, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. is there any that people know about, just curious, my family are converts, my step-mum born muslim, just wondered how they fare with their religious duties? i dont think it should make no difference
  2. Please amplify 'Religious Duties' and as seen by whom?

    Would this be FAITH, or EXTREEM?
  3. like fasting and 5prayers? obviously the prayers would not be able to be said on time etc. And oh no, not extreem, just faith.
  4. original post deleted for posting when in a bad mood, thanks for straightening me out moodybitch
  5. Would you have any problems with your oath of allegiance?

  6. Army Website
  7. As across the rest of the Armed Forces what can be done to accomodate all religious beliefs / faiths should be done when in line with the service need and is practical and will not endanger those around them.

    Personally it is not religion that kills, it's the tw@ts who turn it to their own advantages and for their own ends!
  8. you're a fcuking co ck

    burn you
  9. Kay asked how are muslims treated in the army not for a racist rant,

    If a muslim chooses to step up & serve his country while still being able to practice his/her religion this shouldn't be seen as a problem

    & truth is from my understanding the army needs more & more arabic speakers
  10. id have no problem with my oath or allegience, islams just a faith and belief system to me just like any other belief system, ive had muslim frends saying i shouldent go in and sending me videos of soldiers kicking little children and things, but thats not me so i dont think its a valid reason for me not going in. im going in to be helpfull. i respect all peoples opinions of muslims, i dont pull the 'muslim' card when it suits me, dont know what thats supposed to mean. Seems a very generalised view you have of a 'typical' muslim. im lucky enough to have experienced better and know that those sort of people cant be muslums even if they say they are. The muslims i know are true muslims, drugs and alcohol are not allowed and killing is not allowed, its all in the quran.
    Its jut the 5pillars that are followed, just was wondering if there was any practicing muslims anyone knew of who fasted and that in the army and how they get allong. i read an artical about some mulslum women in the US joining.
  11. So WHAT is typical and as for the footage sent to you, by WHOM and WHY?

    After all the power of the press as they are, all with their own agenda's, much like the extreem groups here in the UK.

    Bad news sells papers and lifts TV viewing numbers, where the 95% of moderate people look on, some with the strength of mind and understanding life is what YOU make it, not the way it is told to us by morons!
  12. Yes, there are serving Muslims, and yes (where practicable and subject to the needs of the service) they are able to pray when they need to, and fast. Generally during Ramadan you would be released from arduous duties where possible.
  13. it was a video of soldiers in iran i thing kicking little children and bullying them.
    A typical musim should be one of piety and read the quran and pray 5times, fast, visit mecca, give zakat, and testomony of your faith. simple, and of course your belief. All rest is just rubbish in my opinion, alot of these so called hadiths are made up in my opinion too has there not mentioned in the quran tso everythings out of context.
    I was born a catholic, but i diddent agree with alot the bible so there you go.
    No one would be-able to tell anyone in my family was muslum cause we are just like typical yorkshire people who do typical yorkshire things like walking. Bet your typical 'muslum' dont go walking in the dales lol.
  14. Mate we employ all religions and they are all welcome. Did my Amport House course a few years ago. The British Forces respect any faith who join. Your Primary aim is to your mates & the Beret. Follow your religion and be true. We are a big family. We look after each other. Have your own peronsonal relationship with your God but be a Soldier first and look after mates. That should be your primary concern.