Muslims feel dehumanised.


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Actually yes there is an exodus... from their home countries to over here.

From where their dystopian chaos and internecine muslim slaughter has dehumanised them, to here, where any attempt to control bad behaviour, or being viewed with suspicion, is labelled by them as de-humanising.
ooo swallowed a dictionary have we ? grin
Interesting that they had GoPro body mounted cameras, which implies a certain amount of premeditated mischief in what they set out to do.

There is a cracking stated case (the exact details of which have vanished in a haze of gin and ginger ale right now) about a preacher who got nicked for Breach of the Peace in Brighton. He went down there to lecture the locals on their sinful ways, and the local PC's seeing things were about to go down hill, nicked the God bothered for BoP.

From memory, the case was dismissed because you cannot be done for BoP because someone will breach the peace due to what you say.

Hence probably why these chaps got potted for over public order act offences, rather than the old stand by BoP.
Breach of the Peace is not an offence as such. You can be arrested for BoP but once the breach ceases you must be released [such as driving the person 5 miles out of town and dropping them off as one colleague of mine definitely did not do in a provincial university town to a gobsh1te student]. You CAN be arrested if you behaviour is likely to cause a/another BoP. This is Common Law . If he went in front of the Beak it might have been for what he was saying, such as a racially aggravated public order offence which IS an offence or if the copper asked him to move and he didn't which could be obstruction or something else.
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