Muslims feel dehumanised.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Feb 25, 2015.

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  1. Could anybody please explain exactly which Muslims are being dehumanised?
  2. Link at the beginning of the thread ;)
  3. No it isn't. So the question stands.
  4. Go to BBC Iplayer and search, not something I can do from over here.
  5. I define maturity in religion as having members who are not convinced that chopping folks heads off or hanging them for being gay, or chopping their hands off for theft, or stoning them to death for adultery in public for other cun ts to mock their death agonies is a good thing. Islam undeniably fails that test and probably will do until near the heat death of the universe.
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  6. No. It was a simple question; if you don't wish to answer that's your prerogative.
  7. I am in Latvia, no access to BBC player; sorry, I can not help.
  8. My thoughts on this are twofold: Firstly, that it is rich of muslims to complain about dehumanisation when their religeon makes such able use of dehumanisation as a tool to spread its influence. Secondly, that they might have a point.

    It is too easy to fall into the trap of tarring with too broad a brush, or adopting a stance of intellectual superiority and refusing to engage. Though the religeon itself advocates collective ideals, it is ultimately made up of individuals who must necessarily be judged on their individual merit. Throwing people on the scrap heap for not believing as you do is the same failing that religeon itself has. Something to be mindful of, always. Talk to them. try to persuade, but do not judge as if you are some great moral arbiter.

    There must also be no compromise, because we too have rights. Our law is not mutable in the face of dogma. We do not accept the use of violence as a tool of influence in any matter. The freedom to practice religeon includes the freedom to also reject it, or to convert without consequence. These are ideals that far from being dehumanising, are empowering to the individual and allow them to shape the face of their religeon rather than be crushed into conformity by it. If some muslims regard them as dehumanising, I would suggest the problem lies in their institution and what it percieves as dehumanising. They must have a very strange definition indeed.
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  9. Can I ask which University you graduated from?
  10. Ahmadis mainly persecuted by other Muslims, but that doesn't follow the PC narrative...
  11. Are the Ahmadiyya persecuted by anybody else other than Muslims?
  12. There I was, wondering why them there Muslamics would care a jot, fig or iota what us filthy kuffar and apostates think of any of them...
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  13. Not that I know, but paediatricians have been persecuted by people hard of thinking, so I imagine sometimes they get mistaken for the choppy choppy sort
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