Muslims feel dehumanised.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Feb 25, 2015.

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  1. Maturity and age are too completely different things.
    age is normally needed for maturity but as in your case it doesn't guarantee it.
  2. Try Dudism!
  3. So not only is the Koran wrong, which I wouldn't disagree with, but so's "accepted history" ?

    That cuts down the options a bit.
  4. Depends on who accepts that history.
  5. That's an interesting claim,

    Might one ask where you graduated from in the history of that period?

    And what "contemporaries" you read, since the one thing all recognised historians of that period agree on is that there are very few contemporary accounts and even of those few they seldom agree on specifics.

    ... and none of them that I've read suggest or even hint that he was an 'emperor' or had 'formed an empire' - all, without exception, agree this came after his death.

    As a 'historian' can you back any of what you say up?
  6. You read selectively.
    No I am not a graduate, my 'A' was in 15th-17th century European History.
    My interest is in ancient history to the end of Genghis Khan.
    Your last sentence is utter bulwarks.
  7. Careful, man, there's a beverage here!
  8. So that's a 'no' then, and you're making this up as you go along with not a single accepted / recognised historian that you can name agreeing with anything you say.

    Not much point in adding anything to that.
  9. I take you know the reason why most on this site think you are an idiot.
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  10. Perhaps this is simply taqiyya.
    How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War: Defeating Jihadist Terrorism

    An interesting perspective from a British Muslim
    'Let's not pretend!' LBC host says Muslim communities are NOT integrating in Britain

    And if one is speaking of History and dehumanisation, then the three centuries of Islamic slavery of the West is a history that seems never to be mentioned and very conveniently forgotten. When Christian slaves could be bought in the Muslim slave markets for less than the price of an onion.

    Chris Impens @ Valvas: Figures on slave trade

    Now those people felt dehumanised to a degree that makes the present discussion seem risible.
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  11. Oh dear. ... and in CA too.
  12. Sixty

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    Ball not man please from hereon in.
  13. Gave you an informative for that, but I'm always dubious when someone goes back three centuries or more to compare to or justify something that's happening now.
  14. They do that because apart from the Amadiyya Islam has barely changed in 14 centuries.
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  15. I thank you for the rating, it is indeed a forgotten history that is barely mentioned.

    The reason perhaps it was mentioned, is that it is a Muslim point of pride that the teachings in the Koran, which are followed to a remarkable degree by so many, remain unaltered from the time they evolved.

    This contributing to a behaviour in Muslim communities and groups, that to the West, seems out of synchronisation with a world that has evolved, moved on, and has values that are considered more in keeping with the present.

    Perhaps an ongoing problem that prevents integration, promotes disharmony and friction, and is creating tensions that do neither side any good.

    The relative gap that exists between the technological position of Muslim countries and the West, the present bitter and bloody conflicts that abound in Muslim countries have produced a flow of refugees to the West of huge proportions.

    When they bring with them attitudes and cultural practices that are considered both aggressive and inimical to the countries which are giving them refuge then it can only be expected that perceptions from their hosts will change from one of welcome to one of alarm, and even hostility.

    If, as this thread suggests that Muslims are feeling dehumanised, then perhaps they should examine closely the reasons why this should be the case.
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