Muslims-Easily offended????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. mixing religous text with music can be offensive. better tell that :D to Cliff Richard

    most muslims probably wouldnt notice or even care. its simply that western society is terrified of offending the muslims in case they launch the jihad on us, which is a bit pathetic when you think about it because most of the hard core islamists consider themselves to be at war with us anyway.
    so when you think about it like that its actually just sony trying to protect their profit margins.
  2. Such a pleasant bunch of people.
  3. Or get cheap publicity
    [/b]The whole world has gone mad.

    Can't think of any thing else to say, without ranting all night.
    Ski Bum]
  5. Mike, totally agree. First thought I had when I caght that one on BBC World today was - wish I was one of the jammy barstewards who has already bought one, they'll be changing hands for a small fortune in no time at all such is the nutty world we live in.
  6. I read somewhere that the Xmas present must have this year is a singing muslim doll - only nobody knows what it's singing as no ****** has the courage to pull the cord!
  7. [​IMG]The BBFC has a comprehensive system of film and gaming classification that will be familiar to nearly all of us.
    Perhaps the BBFC need to introduce a classification appropriate to people who are incapable of a reasonable response to culturally or religiously sensitive content.

    For Example they [The BBFC] could use a big red circle with the letters "EIB" (Extremist Islam Bandwagon)
    Classification: Contains mild references the Prophet Mohamed, The Quran or Islam as a whole. This media is likely to cause Moslems incapable of a reasonable and mature response to "get very upset".

  8. What they must think of Call of Duty IV I cannot possibly imagine! There's that CSAR mission where I always brass up the gunmen on the minaret of what might be a mosque, I couldn't possibly comment...
  9. Nice spinning ratings thing, ahhh, R18, my favourite.

    Edited once for IT bifferry
  10. They take offence easily but they dont complain at the free council houses and benefits they claim do they? Look at at that Afghanistan refugee a few weeks back complaining that her 1.2 million seven bedroom house that the local council pays twelve grand a month for is too big to keep clean. Not to mention all the benefits she claims. Its about time this contry stopped being so soft and start looking after its own before ethnic minorities for a change. :evil:
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Strafe them all, burn whats left.
  12. Then send the ashes into the cosmos of space never to be seen again
  13. Form what I can see it is very hard to actually offend a Muslim.

    This is because they are on permanent offended mode. Basically it matters not an iota what we say, do, do not say, do not do etc, they have decided that they are offended by every non-Muslim and the whole modern world as a concept and that is the end of it. Hence I no longer give a flying F about their views on anything.

    In fact if they had not opted to be offended about a lot of stuff I would never have noticed the offending item in question. They are a: their own worst enemy, and b: and excellent advertising tool for those who have upset them.

    However, I do believe that Islam is a serious danger to every living person on the planet, in terms of the brain washing of its adherants and the danger to life of those who refuse to submit to this backwards looking parasite religion.