Muslims boycott Holocaust remembrance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by charlesp, Jan 23, 2005.

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    The Times.

    This is as ridiculous as us saying "the holocauset has nothing to do with our soldiers dying in Iraq so we should boycott it too".

    This an act of a community that seem hell bent on segregating themselves from an already wary public. This will only breed scepticism of Islam in this country and elsewhere. I'm astounded that so called educated people hold these views. The leaders of the Muslim Council need to rethink their strategies as an organisation and encourage understanding.
  2. I think you're right. This action is based solely on their hatred for the Jewish people; they can camouflage it with protestations about other conflicts and losses (they didn't mention the 'Armenian Genocide', or the millions wiped out by Stalin, both a lot closer to here than Rwanda, for which I suspect the average Palestinian gives not much of a toss and knows even less about) but they can't be seen to be racist, now can they?
  3. So they're saying it's not "racially inclusive"? This is the same group of british muslims who recently went on the record as saying that they're not protected by race legislation because they're not a race?

    C'mon, guys - this is thinly disguised anti-semitism from the group that campaigns for the destruction of Israel and all Jews...
  4. Why does this not surprise me :roll:

    Are they jealous of what happened at auschwitz? It's not about being racially inclusive! It was the attempt of one nation to erradicate one faith because of some twisted beliefs (sounds abit like a conflict we know of today 8O )

    The whole point of this celebration (nae, i take that back, commemeration) is to remeber the evil that man can do and all the innocent lives that were lost because of it.

    They should get of their high horse and let someone else have the limelight :evil:
  5. I bet the front wheel skids are gutted their muslim bredren wont be joining them for the ceremony , inconsolable i'd wager ,
    "what .... no muslims coming ....but i've made all these samosas...!"

    it's a bit like telling them there'll be no bacon butties on the buffet really isn't it.
  6. Not suprised, as they invented the idea...

    Armenia 1915....
  7. yet another reason to boot them out
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Yes......and our local Chinese Takeaway is boycotting it because there is nothing on the Auschwitz commemorations about Hong Kong and The Opium Wars.

    Whilst we are at it, i think I'll boycott it as well because there was no mention of my granny moving to England to escape potato blight.

    There, I feel much more excluded now, perhaps I can get a lottery grant?
  9. When the Jewish lobby were trying to get Holocaust Day up and running, the Armenians said "right on, for we were sorely tried by Johnny Turk". The Israeli's said it was their ball, and what happened to the Armenians didn't compare.

    Muy recollection is that subsequent investigation revealed the use of the treasured 'H' word in Foreign Office correspondence (in 1917?), and comparisons of population percentages who were done in. There wasn't a lot in it !.

    While the Muslims may be getting the fag end on the PR world (some justified), it really baffles me how the Israelis are allowed to play what is - in essence - a 'Holier than thou' card so often. :?
  10. Well, the fact that 6 million of them were killed in less than 5yrs, tends to get a lot of sympathy. It should indeed be 'their' (as well as the troops who discovered auschwitz) memorial and not anyone elses. Therefore, the muslim council has nothing to do with it. plain and simple.

    Now in terms of rememberance day, the muslims are as welcome as anyone else because thousands of them gave their life to fight the nazis, and as such should be remembered alongside all religions who lost numerous of their sons and daughters.
  11. I can't quote the original aims of H day, but it was being sold as wider than Final Solution - until someone else said they'd had a holocaust too. I'm sure there's lots out there on the web.

    As a starter, an early response for search from Yahoo on "Turkey Armenia massacre" - OK it's by Robert Fisk, but it covers some of the angles.

    All victims are equal, but some victims are more equal than others...
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Get's my Goat good style this does....I guess that the 20 MILLION Slavs who died may conceivably get a mention ?

    For every hundred Red Army prisoners taken by the Nazis only THREE went home...

    They had a pretty broad view of who was eligible for a free train journey - it was far from being an exclusively Jewish experience.

    If you happened to be a trade Unionist, a Jehovah's Witness, a gypsy or have cheek-bones like Kate Moss, one leg shorter than the other or made Dale Winton look butch, then chances were you'd be invited to join the party.

    Would it be racist to remind people that the Waffen SS had a Muslim unit wearing the fez marked with the SS emblem , which was raised in Bosnia ?

    A little while ago, I was in Germany visiting Campbell Barracks in Hohne.
    It's near a liitle village called Bergen-Belsen, about an hour's drive from Hanover airport.

    The guy I was with wanted to see the concentration camp site at Belsen so we parked up and went in (reluctantly on my part).

    In addition to nearly standing on a tiny plaque that just says
    << Anne Frank - 1945 >> - she has no individual grave , being only one of the 500 who died of typhus there that Spring - I found myself in front of the international memorial wall.

    The English language version is fairly bland but the French text commemorates thirty thousand Frenchmen and women who died in that particular camp and says: << their only crime was to love their country>>

    Some, not all, were just resistants who had sheltered the maquis or been captured by occupation forces.
    The current BBC2 series on Auschwitz may leave people thinking that this was all about being Jewish. It doesn't mention

    Dachau Gross Rosen
    Belsen Fagen

    All on German soil, full of ordinary German people.

    Or Theresienstadt, Majdanek, Treblinka, Sobibor or Natzweiler - all set up in Nazi occupied territory to control the population in those countries.

    The jews are right to keep reminding successive generations of what the bs'tard Nazis were really about, the faux <<glamour>> of bright symbols and glossy uniforms apart - but they ( and Hollywood) are dead wrong if they seek to portray the Holocaust as a uniquely jewish horror story. It wasn't.

    [/] off rant

  13. It strikes me as being a bit like Labour boycotting the Conservative conference because the Torys don't represent Labour's viewpoint, and then screaming in the media to overshadow the real event.
  14. Except when it suits them to be a race....
  15. The fact is that a good few Muslims gave their lives for the Nazis in such delightful formations as the Handschar, Kama and Skanderbeg divisions of the Waffen-SS, the Free Indian Legion, the German Arabian Legion and the Osttürkische and Kaukasische Waffen Verbände der Waffen-SS. These cheeky chappies, encouraged by Yasser Arafat's uncle, Hajj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, were extensively engaged in anti-Partisan operations, amongst other things, during which any Jews found were automatically classified as partisan combatants and murdered. So it would be wrong to claim that the Jewish Holocaust has no connection to Islam.