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Article that may interest the usual suspects:

Doha, Qatar - As imam of the largest mosque in North America, Sayyed Hassan al-Qazwini feels the frustration of trying to convey a moderate image of Islam to a Western media seemingly fixated on extremists.

"When I speak, or other moderate Muslim scholars speak, we will not find any outlet for our words," he says. "But if a grocer in Karachi goes out on the streets and calls for jihad [holy war] against America, he will find many media outlets there ready to cover his insanity."..
Might be interesting to watch, for anyone who has BBC World.
Can I just point out:-

cpunk said:
Just to remind you all:

Current Affairs is primarily for the serious discussion of military-political topics and other matters which may affect us as members of the armed forces.

It isn't for:

1. Political point scoring

2. Attempts at comedy (which doesn't mean you can't be witty)

3. Propagation of conspiracy theories

4. Outrage threads

5. Baiting of cultural, ethnic, religious or sexual groups.

If you post any of these, the chances are that PTP or I will move it elsewhere on Arrse or bin it completely. With the exception of number 5, there is a place on Arrse for all of these, but keep it out of Current Affairs.
Thank you.
But the article has a point - why is it that, in general, the media choose certain things to focus on and not others? Because they believe, and may be right, that good positive news doesn't sell papers or advertising.


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Its a fair point i reckon. If all however many millions of muslims were war mongering religious fanatics, a full scale war would already have started.
But papers rarely sell based on headlines along lines of "9 out of 10 muslims prefer peaceful co-existence!"
That's precisely the point I was trying to make. The only baiting going on here is that of the Mail-quoting, petition-forwarding, blog-cut'n'pasting rent-a-mob.
They are a cultural group surely??

Like bacteria...
Most people who follow a religion are what one might call moderate, or mainstream, or even reasonable. That counts for Muslims, Christians (of whatever persuasion), or any other religion.

But there are large quantities of extremists involved with any such group - and that extends beyond strict religion to people with profoundly held views on other matters. Environmentalist and animal welfare activists spring to mind.

Of course the press report the sensationalist stuff, be it "Muslim" suicide bombers, child abusing "Christian" cults, PETA extremists or whatever.

But we should not lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of all these people: Sunday church attenders, Friday mosque attenders, RSPCA members etc, are normal moderate members of society.

Pious rant over!
Yes, a few.
Mr_Deputy said:
well I mean are there many muslim arrsers amongst us for example?
And how is that relevant, Mr D? The way the media treats various (mainstream or minority) groups in society is relevant and of interest to all of society, and a germane subject for discussion whether or not any individuals from any such group are a part of the discussion taking place.

Hold on, I've just discovered that I've got a copy of today's Guardian stuffed up my arrse
Myself and Nehustan for a start.
Mr_Deputy said:
the point : highlighting agendas.
I'm not a Muslim, I'm afraid, if that's you're getting at. RC, old boy, in the lapsed fornicating way.

Though you don't have to be a Muslim to find the recurrent Muslim threads on the forum repetitive, ignorant and dull beyond belief.
And that young pup Taz. Dunno anyone else.

Clarify "highlighting agendas".
Mr_Deputy said:
informed arguement is not only more interesting but also essential at the moment if our children are to love tha land in which they are born.
Couldn't agree more.
Mr D, have you heard of these chaps?

I believe they represent the wave of the future and a recognition that Muslims have to put their own house in order before anything else.
Mr D,

More food for thought.

The Rebellion Within

There appears to be a trend (having gestated over many years) developing. What will be really interesting is how the Islam developing in the West will compare and contrast to that in the ME and beyond.

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