Muslims Arrested in ROI Over Cartoonist Murder Plot

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by mordread, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Personally I thought the cartoons were shite, people these days getting their panties in a twist over nothing but by fook these guys are like a dog with a bonus...I mean bone. Can't knock em for not giving up after the whole Globe got over this yonks ago. Knobs. :x
  2. I think there's already a Thread running on this, mate.
  3. Whoops...
  4. Don't worry; you're not the first and you won't be the last to do this. :D
  5. And there I was just in the door with news. Please to be telling me where this thread is?

    Ignore my last..found it thanks buddy. Hit Squad.......right. 8O
  6. Current Affairs: Hit Squad Arrested in Ireland.

    Mr Search Engine is your friend. :)