Muslims are not the new jews - bitch-fight

Reprinted here courtesy of PopBitch to illustrate the ongoing debate within the UK Press on Multiculturism.

>> Muslims are not the new jews <<
Knight and Burchill's bitch-fight

India Knight wrote in her last Sunday Times
column that "Muslims are the new Jews", where
she attacked negative attitudes towards the veil.
Julie Burchill wrote in reply to the paper's
letters page:
Dear India Knight, I dare you to walk into any
mosque... and spread your tidings that "Muslims
are the new Jews". You'll be lucky if you get out
alive. PS I see that your new book is a compilation
of dirty bits from novels. I'd love to know how
this fits in with your new found love of
feminine modesty and discretion.

The subsequent email exchange:
To Julie Burchill From India Knight.
Oh for ****'s sake. I don't have a "newfound
love of modesty and discretion" - I just don't
despise people on the basis of what they wear.

To: India Knight From Julie Burchill
What, not even he working class slags in cropped
tops you're forever slagging off you hypocritical

To: Julie Burchill from India Knight
I do NOT slag off working class people in crop
tops you ******* loon. Where? When? Why would I
slag them off? I am many things but I am not a
snob. God, you're driving me mad. Go Away.

To: India Knight From Julie Burchill
I wrote to the letters page, not YOU, you
stalking cretin. Why don't you **** off and
turn yet another of your husbands gay?
never mind the e mails, have you got the video?
have you seen what the pair of them look like? India Knight NEEDS a veil cos she's got a head like a bag of spanners, Julie Birchill would get the good news though :-D
schweik said:
Er, no ... Julie Burchill needs TWO veils.
Only if they are burburry :D
Julie when she was a music journo circa punk era was SERIOUSLY fit (and dirty - so I have been told by somebody who is a notorious liar) she only piled on the pounds during her lesbian phase.
bollox, buggerd that one up didnt I,

the burberry bint is better than the munter holding the do i attach photos where I want without the silly boxes around em?????
like this (i switched BBCode off so you can see the 'code'):

you can also just click the icon on the far left in the bottom row. a box opens up and you can copy the URL of the image

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