Muslims Against Crusades: Demo 1 Anglian Parade Tues 15th

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rwbsolutions, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. I am not a big poster but this got my gall. I hope those in London can be there to offer their support on the day. The 'Vikings' 1 Anglian are marching through Barking. Recently awarded freedom of the borough. Latest tour 5 KIA many more wounded. God bless them.

    That was difficult to post and still don't know if the style is right. I am sure i will be offered some tips..ha

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  2. I saw a load of these around by whitechapel the other day, funny that.

    I wonder why Barking eh?! I think the police should find better things for themselves to do that day than seperating the inevitable BNP/EDL backlash.
  3. Unfotunately, all the time spent in class reciting the koran has left little time for these uneducated fools to realise that the crusades finished in the 13th century.
  4. What else can you expect from a violent, stone age religion.
  5. Round up the organizers and all the cunts, and their extended families, that turn up to support these moronic muslims and ship them out to Pakistan on a one way ticket, all claims for British citizenship to be revoked permanently including those born here! :x
  6. Fair dos.
    I was going to say "let them protest, the local residents will boo them into silence". But I'm not sure which way it would go in Barking.
  7. I predict this will consist entirely of the same dozen tossbags that always show up.
  8. not a fan of these nutters, but they do have the right to march up and down and say what they want... (and look like cnuts into the bargain)
  9. The demo, or this thread?

    Doesn't someone usually suggest hosing them down with a Vulcan loaded with pork pies or something?
  10. Lets do it haha
  11. There's nothing to stop someone booking the following weekend for 'Christians against jihad'.

    It's a free country, or so they say. Certainly feels a bit more free than it did a few months ago.
  12. And the prize for Understatement of the Day goes to.........

    ......... rwbsolutions!
  13. Personally I think we should just shoot all the brown people, sort out the problem quick-like. Then I'll add a few England flags to the seventeen already on my Vauxhall Nova.
  14. Free pies, you say? Where is this again?
  15. According to a certain Facebook site we should be greatful the EDL/BNP turn up to demand we get respect!!!!
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