Muslim Wreath Laying

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. The BBC have just reported that a group of Britihsh Muslims are to lay a Wreath today at "The Wall" at the National Arboretum, to show their Support for the Forces, it's a very nice action when one remembers that at least one of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan was a British muslim,
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  3. Sorry did not see that, just saw it on the BBC News 24
  4. What seems to have been lost in all this hate mongering by the extremists, is that while they may wish to divide their community over this issue, the truth is that there are just as many who don't see it their way...One incident i can recall vividly happened a couple of years ago, in a local shop. I was there buying some smokes, when a young asian lad and his mate came in mouthing off about the men of Islam fighting for their freedom etc etc, you all know the guff. Then a small old gentleman came from behind the counter, and laid the most unmerciful smack on the face of the youngster. He then proceeded to threaten him with further beatings should he forget that his grandfather had fought as a machine gunner with the 4th Indian Division throughout it's campaigns from east Africa to Monte Cassino, and all points in between. He then proceeded to tell him that he had worked, fought and died alongside Hindu's, Sikhs and Christians, all of whom he considered his friends. His pride and dignity in his old division was obvious and sincere, but he told the young lad that his actions brought shame upon him and his family!! I watched on as this young lad, obviously embarassed turned to the old chap and said "i'm sorry grandad i didn't think" I left smiling, because this old chaps pride and dignity had overwhelmed the misguided bigotry of his grandson.

    My point in relating this memory, is that there are many Muslims who feel the same way that we do when it comes to our forces. Anyone from 2nd Fld RA circa 80s/90s will remember Sgt Ali C (Muslim), Sgt Joe M (Sikh) and Staff Pinto (Christian). Some things never change it would appear!
  5. Is that story something that you actually witnessed?
  6. Yes it is...Why?
  7. A Christian in the RA? I don't believe it.
  8. I actually think this is a really strong message from those women. There may well be people in their own community who will be angry with them and possibly worse, but they are still going to do what they think is right. Moral and physical courage. Well done.
  9. Now now play nice! :D However, staff Pinto was in fact REME. He was i believe an Indian Christian from Goa. a Top bloke to boot :)
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    what he said. fair play to them.

    ...however... the cynic (realist?) in me wonders when the usual suspects will jump out of the woodwork and denounce them as 'traitors to their faith' or some other such nonsense.
  11. Because it reads a little bit like those e-mail circulars that keep doing the t'interweb circuit. However, if you say you witnessed it, I accept that you are recounting a true story.
  12. Well done those women.
    I think sometimes people need to be reminded that whenever you have these muslim anti-war protests fueling the BNP outrage bus, there are a (normally) silent majority of muslims out there who look upon them with a sense of shame. I think they are to be commended for their actions, especially as pointed out above, they risk recriminations from certain elements of their own community.
  13. I am very pleased to see this, I sincerly hope that those who have the courage to go will not find themselves becoming the victims of intimidation or WORSE by the extremists! If more of the Muslim community would do this it would isolate the extremists and hopefully make them easier for our internal security forces to identify & neutralise! Unfortunately the extremists in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan do seem to have the nasty habit of targetting "soft" targets, women, children, mosques & hospitals to name a few, and dont give a toss if those killed & injured are Muslims or not (The vast majority of victims are muslim) :x
    I feel that too many of the Muslim community do not feel the same way, like the met Muslim PC who refused to guard the Israeli Embassy see links :-
    and extremists targetting returning soldiers :-
    and the group who planned to kidnap & behead a British Muslim soldier :- :x
    I hope I am proved wrong!!
  14. Agreed, good on them.
  15. Sticky, all i can do is assure you that the memory i related was true, if you choose to doubt the veracity of it, then there isn't too much i can say to defend it is there? But the event i described did happen, and just as i described it, otherwise i shouldn't have recounted it. It seemed apt for the topic being discussed.