Muslim Wedding Segregation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wommit, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Linky thing

    Now please remember that in this enlightened age we are supposed to value diversity.

    Now all say - Naughty Minister, Naughty.

    But actually I agree with him and I would have left too.
  2. If i was ever foolish enough to get hitched, my mates would no doubt follow what ever sh+t details I sprung on em, full rig, shoite stag do, sat at the back next to the bogs with only the rats bridesmaid and goofing waitresss for company

    Go to the wedding of another culture and enjoy the experience, fecking small people gobbing off and trying to fire up the outrage bus

    scuse the random, not gone to bed yet
  3. Can I take it that Mr Fitzpatrick didn't go to the traditional all male stag night whilst his wife went to the traditional all female hen night?
  4. Jewish traditional wedding ceremony is also segregated. There are segregated buses in Jerusalem.,7340,L-3759554,00.html

    Does it mean that Israel is not a modern state? I think that no. It is a tradition.
  5. Oh and of course the race card being played......everyone equality.......on their apart from the afgan starve your wife law, and gender segregation...Islam the thing to be into..Eh
  6. eeeh, no:,7340,L-3690040,00.html
    and don't confuse traditional with ultra-orthodox. The latter want nothing to do with the zionist state, except of course welfare.

    Concerning the wedding:
  7. What an idiot. Mosques ( AFAICT ) have always segregated the genders, and who on earth is he to condemn another relions practice?