Muslim To Sue Female Driving School Over Sex Change Teacher

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, May 23, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Once again the race card is played by the Muslim's. :x

    We the minority in our own country...

  2. Must have had a f*cking great sense of humour to go that far just for a wind up.
  3. hahahhaa
  4. It beggers belief!!!!! If he dosnt like it he can FCUK off and use another driving school!!!!
    It is just another excuse for one of these inbred Fcukers to complain. Emma might have had meat and two veg before, but now dosnt. I would sue the muslim wakner for discrimination and for sexist remarks!!!!

    rant rant rant (bad day in the office)
  5. What sort of good Muslim husband lets his wife learn to drive anyway? Surely that's just for us infidels? :x
  6. I think this muslim gentleman should have much better understanding to wards this poor transexual lady she is legally a lady under the u.k. system
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Now, the question is, will the police and CPS prosecute the Muslim husband for his gender abuse and sexism?

  8. Question, are they learning to drive to plan a 9/11 type incident into some 3 story flats in Bradford?

    This is the question we need to ask?
  9. I sincerly hope the instructor was sent to piss the guy off because he clearly deserves it.

  10. If this was a Christian making the complaint then would anyone do anything about it? NO is the word you are looking for. Surley this man can be done for sexual discrimination. I thought the law or the authorities would come down on this sort of discrimination? NO is the word you are looking again as the person making them is a musilm. I believe in all people being treated equal but it seams to me that some are more equal than others. It makes mt blood boil.

  11. Aspects of Muslim custom in certain households require a woman to be with another woman when "unsupervised".

    He has his knickers in a twist - incorrectly IMHO - because she was once a man.

    Would it make your blood boil if it was a Christian asking for a "Proper" woman Instructor, and sueing because he didn't get one?

    Just a thought.

    However, don't let that interfere with the outrage bandwagon currently doing Mach 10 through the Int Forum Main Street.
  12. He/she/it still has got its meat and two veg, I think mr muslim has a point if he belives his wife is sitting with a geezer and he went to a all women's driving school to avoid that, but he's still a shite cnut for playing the "you did it on purpose coz I is muslim innit" card.
  13. I know this is totally off thread but has anyone noticed that the attacks in South Africa against immigrants are being reported as Xenophobic instead of Racist, seems a bit odd to me.

    Anyway, back on thread, blokes a cnut.
  14. Fan-bloody-tastic. What an impossible dilemma for the politically correct.

    Do they support the customer's inalienable right to silly beliefs, or do they support the instructor's rights to become a man/woman/yak?

    Were either of those two in dispute with a normal person, you would be able to move for the outraged shrieking of the diversity champions.

    As it is, I bet you could hear a pin drop.
  15. It is quite a dilemma - but I am betting the Muslim wins. As someone said, I can see his point if the 'lady' in question still has her man parts - she could potentially 'dishonour' his wife. But what does the Koran state about eunuchs? From a physiological point of view, isn't that what a castrated (transgendered) male is? Still XY, but lacking equipment?