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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by cpl_anwar, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi all. I’m 16, British, Muslim and interested in going for a commission as an officer in either the Army or RAF.

    I am born British, and even though I’m of Pakistani heritage, Great Britain is my home, I love it and I know nothing else. I see no conflict between following my religion and wanting to defend my country and am embarrassed and hurt by the extremists that think otherwise. My parents are supportive and say I will have an advantage, as the Forces need more people from varying ethnicities.

    I have been enrolled in the Air Training Corps, the youth division of the RAF for 3 years or so now and am a Corporal. I have enjoyed my time in the Corps immensely and have had plenty of exposure to the forces, having spent several weeks at a time at many RAF Stations and Training Camps as well as having done the Nijmegen 4 Day marches, flying the flag with the rest of the British Military Contingent.

    I have wanted to sign up to the RAF as a pilot since I was seven, but recently I started doubting if I’m academic enough and have started looking at the RAF Regiment, the Para’s, the Rifles and other infantry careers.

    While I know the vast majority of service personnel are open minded and unprejudiced, I have heard stories of racism in the military, and although it was minor, I have had a couple minor racial slurs directed at me.

    One instance was at Saint Martins Plains training area in Folkestone, I was carrying the colours when a passerby asked, “A paki with a flag, is this what the countries social services have come to?”

    However I know I want to serve, and I think I could be a decent asset to the forces. I speak their lingo, know their culture and understand their way of life. But as I want to be an officer, I am a little bit wary of racism within ranks.

    If anyone has any advice as to what I should be aware of, what is acceptable or not, or even which service I should consider or avoid joining and why, I would be grateful.

  2. I'd go for it mate.

    You'll always get idiots who tar everyone with the same brush and while racial ignorance can seem disturbingly common, I like to think the majority aren't such utter simpletons who spend too long reading the Daily Mail.

    Certainly, you have a good attitude and that counts for a lot. Best of luck with it mate.
  3. Go for it.
  4. Hear, hear. Best of luck, Anwar.
  5. Ok, on a more serious note...

    Look mate, there are racists in any organisation. Get over it and suck it up. Some people will be overwhelmingly prejudice against you. Some people won't give a toss and will be your best mate.

    But if your that worried about such a pathetic thing such as racism then maybe you should look at a different walk of life.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  6. Quote: While I know the vast majority of service personnel are open minded and unprejudiced, I have heard stories of racism in the military

    Mate, go for it. There is no more racism in the military than any other large organisation, to be honest, there is probably much less.
  7. Anwar, I passed out of Phase 1 with a Muslim Sapper in my platoon. One of the best and strongest soldiers you could hope to have. Go for it mate. Anyone gives you any jip, hit them in the face with a shovel.
  8. Crack on..give it a go... :)
  9. good for you go for it you are brtish and proud of it, i always felt that racists were very un educated, stupid people.. as long as when you find things not going your way or the going gets tough, please don;t play the race card as the guys will lose recpect for you, because i promis you we all have times like that. and i have seen people play the race card, and women play the sexist card... so go for it and remember you havent done anything wrong if some one says stupid racist coments hold your head up high and remember they are the stupid ones.. good luck nick
  10. Go for it Anwar,

    Although, don't listen to your parents. You will not be given some sort of back door pass 'because we need you'.

    Are you thinking of joining as a grad or as a non-grad? If you are going to Uni, remember to join the OTC or UAS. Your ATC Sqn should be able to help with that, and possibly a bursary for 6th form and Uni.
  11. Anwar,

    There are several Asian lads in my Rifle Coy at least two of whom I knew to be from Pakistani-Muslim backgrounds (and I'm sure one of them posts on here and I'll see if I can't get him to PM you). Did it help or hinder them in anyway during our recent tour in Afghanistan? Well apart from being able to understand some of what the ANA were talking about in Dari (which they told me is similar-ish to Urdu), I don't think it made a blind bit of difference either way.

    Join whichever regiment you feel most comfortable in. I'm in the Rifles and we are most certainly a close family, as I'm sure are most others. Don't ever let other people's prejudices stop you from doing what you want to do. It's their hang up and not yours! In the end of the day the lads will judge you on what kind of an officer you are and not your background. One last point to ponder would be that whilst some people were banging on about the 'Islamic enemy within' from the safety of their barstools, the likes of Captain Ibrar Ali of the Yorks Regt were fighting gloriously in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  12. We are proud of you, lad. You are a Brit by birth, a religion choice.
  13. Get stuck in mate !! Just go for it a dont look back !
  14. Thanks for the support people, its appreciated. I know that minor racism exists everywhere and people need to get grip and get on with it. Agreed.

    But I was thinking more along the lines of Richard Stokes resigning after having a banana thrown at him during a rehearsal for the Trooping of the Colour, or Mark Campbell, who received notes saying "there is no Black in the Union Jack" and having his bed soaked with urine.

    Either way I realise these sort of event are extremely minor place and that I should quit whining and get on with it. I was just wanted some feedback.

    As for medman82, good on you. I respect right to voice your opinion, whatever that opinion may be.

    It is freedoms like that which make me want to defend this country even more.

    If a group of Christians gather to worship in groups larger than 5 in Saudi Arabia they face beatings and imprisonment with out trial. Believe you me, that is the LAST thing I want happening here.

    And yeah, I want to go to University first, so I guess I'll go for a post graduate commision.

    Let me make it clear I am going to apply without any thoughts of having an advantage through playing the Race Card. We are all the same colour underneath and if I ever join I will be relying on the men and women besides me, regardless of colour. I just thought that my language and background would be put to good usage in the forces.

    I will get my thumb out my arse and carry on, whatever the weather.

    Per Ardua Ad Astra.
  15. I wouldn't recomend it, people will take the piss out of you, possibly spit at you, beat you up, ignore you, screw up your career and generally make your life a living hell because of what you chose to be.

    Absolutly no likes an RAF officer.