Muslim terrorist NOT to be called muslim...


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Commissar Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word muslim in connection with muslim/islamic terrorists, because....wait for it...he dosen't want to offend muslims...

Source: Daily Express.

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Well, i'll be calling them Muslim Terrorists. Because thats what they are. Terrorists who follow radical Islam.

Until the Islamic community start to realise that the majority of their Imams are out of touch with the Islamic youth, and realise why young men are turning to radical clerics, this is going to continue, and parties such as the BNP are going to get more votes due to the fear factor of the public.
They should be termed 'Islamists', according to some chap on BBC London last night and he seemed to make a fair case for it. Ismadists maybe better though.

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They call themselves Muslims and since they are terrorists it would appear Mr Brown is incorrect.
Until this is reported in a more reputable, less inflammatory rag then I'll put it down to sensationalist journalism.

I suspect it is an attempt to stop reference to them simply as Muslims and thus tarring all with the same brush. I have already had cause to speak with one of my chaps this morning for suggesting that, having dealt with the car in the mosque car park, the EOD chaps should have razed the mosque itself. He was very much of the opinion that all muslims are murderous, terrorist b@stards.


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So we don't call anyone Muslim,Jewish or Catholic etc etc
This we we keep religion out of it and brand them terrorists plian and simple
That way when we are jailing them we don't have to worry about special treatment on religious grounds
So for breakfast they get a bacon buttie and a brew none of the meat has to be halal,kosher (scottish catholics deep fried) they can live amongst our prisoners in 'population'
Same as the women no burkas and examinations by males
And if they die in prison they can just be thrown in unmarked grave with no worries about praying for them
This could be a step forward bring it on I say and advertise it to the communities you won't get to heaven if you've spent a lifetime in prison sining :wink:
People who belong to a Middle Eastern religion who just happen to blow things and people up in the name of a god/prophet/messiah.
Total drivel.
My double speak version.

MilsBomb = Muslim Bomb (nice punn)

MilSuBomb = Muslim Suicide Bomber

My personal favorite

Stupid Cunt that follows the Religious extremism of the Islamic faith.

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