Muslim terror suspect allowed to stay in UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. OK I need somebody to explain to me why this is happening

    in full
  2. About par for the course in this country under New Labour
  3. There isn't anything I can say about this one case that hasn't been said in general.

    The rabbit is in the fox's den, calling the foxes names.
    Let's treat him as such, shall we? :)
  4. He did at least make an attempt at doing one good thing whilst he was in power then...
  5. We can't hand him over to be executed, because we don't execute people any more (rightly or wrongly). Saying we do not support execution and then handing people over to be executed would be a tad hypocritical.

    This bloke should never have been granted permission, temporary or not, to stay in this country.
  6. That whole article was written in order to have yet another poke at the Human Rights Act. There are many people in power who would like to persuade the common man that it is a bit of legislation he could do without. This is not so and the ordinary person should be wary of those who try to convince him so. It is the powers that be who want to lose it.

    That individual would probably not have been able to be deported under other longstanding legislation.
    And soldiers particularly ought not to wish for the repeal of the act. It might come in very handy for them for a variety of reasons over the next few years.

    And anyway this is apparently what the police have said so altogether it must be a non story used just to wind people up - about the HR act rather than terrorism.

  7. Wor....... fai....... me
  8. It comes to something when the Prime Minister cannot decide to deport someone who is classed as a securtity risk.

    So what powers do we have anymore ??
  9. It's spin. The guppymint created the rules that pervent people being deported then blame the judges for applying the law.

    There are thousands like this bloke who were let in when the guppymints in the muslim world started to crack down on fundies. Lot of British people will get the death penalty because our guppymint is far too "good" to deport them. Personally I'd much rather it was him than one of my kids.
  10. It's not hard to understand. Should the British state deport this person to a country which refuses to guarantee that electrodes will not be attached to his testicles shortly after 'de-planeing' this would reduce the room for maneuver enjoyed by British embassy officials round the world to argue that electrodes should not be attached to YOUR testicles should you be arrested - perhaps by mistake or on a false charge - in foreign parts.

    Now, on the presumption that you're keen to keep your testicles voltage-free you should, accordingly, support the non-extradition of this person.

    See? It's not rocket science.

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  11. Yea, loads of terrorists are allowed to stay here. Weren't 3 plane hijackers allowed to stay few months back or something? It's sickening that our tax money goes towards paying for their housing, food, Sky TV, nice car etc...

    Anyway, i can see the governments plan. If we bring all the terrorists to the UK then we can stabilise Afghanistan and Iraq! I can't help but think there might be a flaw in that plan though?
  12. I quite like the idea of Blair, Bush and some of their underlings (including the top brass who 'only followed orders') being deported to answer charges at an International War Crimes Tribunal on Iraq. On condition they receive a fair trial and the Blair testicles remain electrode-free.

    Perhaps Al-Sibai and Tony be handcuffed together on the plane?
  13. Wasn't a possible withdrawal from the European Human Rights Bill in the Tory Manifesto last time? Probably not next time though!

    It would have probably allowed such a deportation.

    Call me Dave
  14. You go to foriegn countries, you live by their rules, simple. If you do a crime while in that country, they should be allowed to punish you as they see fit.

    Its not rocket science, if you dont want electrodes don't go there.....
  15. I completely agree, if i went to Saudi Arabia clutching a Bible i'd be whipped. If during my trial i said it was against my human rights they'd just laugh at me and whip me some more! If other countries are allowed to make and enforce their own rules why are we not allowed to? It seems like this whole country is being run by a bunch of PC obsessed cretins in Brussels. Why? It's ridiculous.