Muslim Riots

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Watching the after Friday prayers, riots/ demonstrations, do these idiots think we can take them seriously, I mean burning down and vandalising their own towns and cities, I was in an airport lounge but couldn't help laughing out loud at these fools, I am sure Allah is now satisfied at the havoc wreaked.

    But I do note that no scouser or Jock was offended in the making of the film!
  2. I am offended it'll mean my hard paid taxes will be spunked against the mosque wall's repairing the damage through grants by the DFID
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  3. I wonder how many copies of the Koran will end up getting burned or otherwise destroyed during it all.
  4. Fuck me! There will be a protest about the protest, not that I am generous about giving money to these moslamic places when natural disaster strikes, I definitely won't know.... The dull cunts!
  5. Is he related to the Emperor d'you think?
  6. My thought exactly!

  7. The Muslims are like 2 year olds, it is OK all the time they are getting their way, they get their treats get taken to nice places. But as soon as you say no or say something they dislike, they have a massive tantrum.

    In my experience in dealing with 2 year olds having a tantrum I find just ignoring them and then take away the nice treats usually brings them back in line.
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  8. Said as a positive or a negative?
  9. I get the feeling these films are an inside job? Anyone who has seen TV in the Middle East or Indian sub continent will recognise the production values.
  10. Film was made by an Egyptian Coptic allegedly*.

    *any and all conspiracy theories about false flag operations and/or Israel not included in this post.
  11. Or slapping shit out of them.
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  12. ... and anyone with half a brain would have seen that. Just how easy will it be to kick-off a major conflict with a little bit of thought, effort and professionalism? A Star-Spangled Banner draped Barrack Obama look-alike, back-scuttling a pig in a skull-cap, in a mosque with pages of the koran smouldering all around. AQ is probably furiously taking notes.
    What a bunch of cunts.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Islam,the religion of peace.

    My fucking arrse it is!
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  14. I'm quite keen to see whats going on in France . The govt has banned any Muslim marching as they don't give a fuck about anyone being offended by a cartoon . Also would be interesting to see if any Muslims fancy their chances in staging an unauthorised march anyway. CRS Gendarmes aren't shy when it comes to putting the boot in on anyone who decides to have a bit of a protest and make Paris look like anything other than an idyllic retreat for couples in love . During the student riots in the 60's there were literally bodies floating down the Seine. Makes me envious that our Riot cops don't get stuck in actually.

    French Police CRS.jpg Seen here taking no chances with hardened North African Muslim bike thief
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  15. Fine, but do you really want Muzzies floating down British rivers. That would be serious big time polution. Spare a thought for the fish, don`t you have any consideration for the enviroment?