Muslim Reservist Loses Legal Battle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by adir, Oct 7, 2004.

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  1. I'll second that with bells on.
  2. Good.

    So what did the nice muslim RAF person join for ? Did he think that as a member of the armed forces he gets to choose who he fights and when ? What he really means is he only may fight someone who is attacking his slit trench in England and they have to be white and have a large illuminated badge which says "I am not a muslim"

    This should be in the NAAFI then I could turn the turets keyboard on.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Not before time.

    You take the shilling, you go where you're told.
    We might have been lied to about the cause for this war, as we have been in the past, but to take the dosh & run......?

    Being a medic and a Crab, how much actual fighting would he have been involved in ?
    Shouldn't he have been providing medical aid to fellow servicemen, and fellow muslims, who had been injured ? Or is that also against his beliefs ?

    Sounds to me more like an excuse to cover the wide yellow streak.
  4. I think he was right to exercise his rights to decide (at the last moment) that (in this case) he was a conscientious objector.

    Ah balls changed my mind firing squad at dawn :twisted:
  5. How many muslim members of the armed forces have actually gone and "fought" against a muslim enemy ?

    Surely this is a case of cowardice and if so I'd like to volunteer to be in the firing squad, I would of course fix bayonets in case I was the unlucky sod to get issued a blank.
  6. LOL. In fact the right of conscientious objection, long recognised in our law, does not give you the right to pick and choose campaigns.

    The conscientious objection appeal system still exists, but this individual appears to have gone absent rather than appealing. The sentence he got appears light, no doubt this took into account that he was a reservist who had been out of the system.
  7. :twisted: Now that's not PC, justified but not PC tsk tsk tsk thought police on their way.
  8. I'd be interested to know exactly what punishment he does get , as a reservist could he attend a short course in corrective training ??
    especially as he decided to AWOL himself in a time of conflict , i know for fact the average tom would get shafted big styles for this , but as far as reservists go i'm a bit in the dark ...... illumination anyone ??
  9. Penalty imposed on him seems to have been 9 days loss of pay, 7 days loss of privileges.
  10. WHAAAAAAT?????????????? firkin unbelievable :evil:
  11. In response to Armourer. In GW1 there seemed to be no shortage of muslim countries lining up to give Saddam a slap on the botty, all part of the coallition forces. In the UK forces I know of at least two.

    Imagine if his father was a Muslim from Croatia, employed as a fireman and married to a Catholic. Pretty well makes him unemployable in the British Forces.
  12. what privelidges is he going to lose as a reservist , confined to house?
    sweeping his front path in combats and cefo ? and how much has this little lot cost the long suffering tax payer ?? :evil:
  13. Weak livered punishment. :evil: :evil:

    It should have been a long sentence in the detention centre, or what ever they call them now in this PC crazy world.