Muslim Rapper 9/11 Blues

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Priam, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Just seen this on CH 4 News, the Hip Hop music is not my taste. The lyrics are slightly controversial :roll: .

    The link to his website is here and you can listen to the song.

    Your thoughts please!

    PS We are not in the NAAFI! :)
  2. 188 people on line and no one has an opinion???

    Or has this been done already? :oops:
  3. ...or no-one is interested?
  4. The guy is an absolute cnut ! and if he says he is doing it for any other reason than for cash then he is a bulls***inf cnut !
  5. bulls***ing before the Inf boyz start sending me scary PM's ?
  6. catchy tune... my favourite lyric was...

  7. I think he needs a little visit by special branch for incitment to terrorism.
  8. Not a chance. He'd have to call a police horse a woolly woofter to get any action against him.

    It sounds like it should be one of the old Spitting Image piss takes. Not an ounce on the chicken song.
  9. He has already had a little taster.,,1750297,00.html
  10. Shame the US didnt pick him up on one of those new one way flights.