Muslim radicals break into pre-election meeting

LONDON (Reuters) - Muslim radicals broke into a pre-election meeting held by a mainstream group on Tuesday to chant "There is no God but Allah!" and call for absention from the Islamic community at the May 5 poll.

With most wearing scarves to hide their faces, the demonstrators denounced the MCB as "traitors to Muslims" and shouted slogans relating to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay.

"By asking you to vote, the MCB is doing nothing else but asking Muslims to become apostates and leave the Muslim fold"

hardliners often garners publicity for radical opinions including praise of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
Just when Blair thought he'd grovelled enough to muslims for their vote this happens...
strip them of their British citizenship and boot them back to their "wonderful" home country
Trying to bring religion in to modern day politics - who is trying to entice racial tension Mr Blair? Not I.

Totally agree with booting them back to their proclaimed "home" as, according to them, its not these shores.

Maybe their rantings about Afghanistan, Iraq and Camp X Ray have been taken out of context. They may have been calling for free one way tickets to these places to liberate them from this unholy land of infedels.

Now there is a good reason to raise taxes, i'd pay with no arguement.
I was listening to radio 5 as their reporter was on the phone. It was a total shouting match - and most of it I couldn't recognise as being English. I did hear 'Liar' a few times, so I suppose they are entering the political spirit.
Interestingly the lads arguement were:

A. That the Muslim Council were sucking Blair off.
B. That voting made you a 'Kafir' - non believer.

So rest assured the Loonies will not be voting, hey the more rowdy and merrier politics comes the better.

By the way the Monster Raving Loony Party Manifesto was published yesterday, one policy area for ARRSEs was that all Traffic Cops would be retrained as preist. Fantastic policy why have the big three not taken this on board!

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