Muslim protesters at 9/11 memorial

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tekirdag, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Freedom of speech is a bitch when people say something you don't like...
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  2. F'ing c**ts.
  3. Those bloody liberal politicians - why can't they make the UK more like a Muslim country?
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  4. So when you come out with something that 50%+ of the population don't like you'll not mind being classified as a parasite? These guys are cretins of the highest order but are still entitled to the same political freedoms that we all have until they actually commit a crime. If you don't like run for Parliament and try and change the law.
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  5. I suspect they did commit a crime, but the police were playing the PC game...
  6. Then name the crime and report it to the proper authorities and your MP and kcik up shit through the proper channels if nothings done. Thats how democracy works.
  7. How about the good old public order act, surely that's got to be a section 5 at least?
  8. Well then report it to the Met and forward everything onto your MP. Calling them scum and parasites and ranting about how 'they' are ruining the country like the OP did doesn't help anyone.
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  9. Age of Empires?
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  10. I was commenting on the people committing offences, I think they are C**ts and I'm sure there is some line that police officers say when being sworn in about doing there duty "Without fear or favour"

    Oh and I'm sure the met would be all over it if I was to complain....
  11. I must say I was quite shocked about how openly cuntish they were being, but I frankly don't expect anything less.

    I then switched off the news and got on with my life.
  12. Maybe at management level?
  13. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Don't be silly thats WAY too old. And possibly way to complicated. Call of Duty maybe
  14. Seriously, who cares?:roll:

    Obviously I can't speak for the relatives of those killed on 9/11, but why is anyone else trying to car-jack the Outrage Bus? A tiny number of inbred, retarded, 4 Lions Walts spouting the usual shite about Jihad and death to the Kuffar should be treated with the contempt they deserve. Ignore them.

    In any case, Al Queda is well past it's sell by date. They have'nt managed a spectacular since 7/7 and the last time they even came close was 2008, before being shut down by good drills from the spooks and plod. Bin Liner's sleeping with the fishes and the Arab Spring has made AQ largely irrelevant in the Middle East.

    Yes, in an ideal world fuckwits who hold protests like these would be swiftly relocated to a mass grave.:muhaha: Unfortunately, we live in a dull, boring place called the Real World, and for some reason ethnic cleansing is regarded as a Bad Thing(no, I don't understand it either:twisted:).

    So be cool, and let everything be everything...:meditate:
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