Muslim police officer refuses to shake hands

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by meiktilaman, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Muslim police officer refuses to shake hands

    British Islamic leaders have defended a Muslim woman police constable who refused to shake hands with her force's chief because of her beliefs.

    The Metropolitan Police officer declined to have any physical contact with Commissioner Sir Ian Blair at a passing-out ceremony for newly-qualified recruits.

    Muslim groups said her refusal was in line with common Islamic practice and called for greater understanding of cultural differences.

    But Scotland Yard said it would not normally tolerate such requests and indicated that the officer, who has not been named, could be fired if she failed to fulfil her duties.

    A police spokeswoman said: "The officer maintains that she puts the requirements of being a police officer above her personal beliefs and only exercises the latter when she has the choice to do so.

    "Any refusal to engage in this manner would not be tolerated by the Metropolitan Police Service."

    Scotland Yard said Sir Ian, Britain's top policeman, had questioned the validity of the woman's refusal to shake his hand at the ceremony, held to mark the end of an 18-week recruit training course.

    The officer will now be required to complete a two-year probationary period.

    The jury is out as far as I concerned because I can't decide wehter she should have shook his hand and be done with or wehter the Chief Constable is a big child for complaining about it! I think firing her over it may be a bit extreme but you do wonder if she gets worked up over something so petty could she endanger the publics or indeed a fellow Police officer in the future because it may compromise her religous beliefs?

    Comments from the great unwashed please?
  2. well just like it is a religious right for a sikh to wear a turban, why shouldnt she be allowed to follow her religious right to follow her belifs about contact with men. its not as if it was done as any sort of protest.
  3. No problem from my end. I would only have a problem if she will not do her job for whatever reason.
    - If she refuses to pick up some drunk kid on a Saturday night because it is against her religion, then I would have a problem.
    - If she insists on wearing a veil, then I think that I would have a problem too.
    - If she won't shake hands with Commissioner Blair, well I can understand that.

  4. Whilst in principle I do not have a problem with her refusal, I do have a question.

    How will she be able to slap the cuffs on some male scrote? I assume she will forever be accompanied by an 'western' (for want of a better word, sorry) copper to do that for her? Or have I missed the point (as per usual)?

    Stagging on prior to det
  5. I live in the midlle east. One of the nicer parts and here it seems that the choice is left to the woman and her personal beliefs.

    Some will shake hands, particulalrly those who have had a western education, and some won't.

    There is no good way to tell so rule of thumb is to not offer your hand until she has made the first move.

    Not that hard and saves a deal of emabrassment on both sides.
  6. I dispair. How has it taken 18 weeks to find out this womans beliefs. If is going to be like this there is absolutely no way she can carry out her duties, as said before, you can't arrest someone without making contact with them.
    Easy solution, don't waste the money on her 2 year probation. Mag to Grid....get Rid.
  7. Absolute Crap

    How can she be expected to fulfill her duties if contact with the male is against her beliefs. She would never be able to arrest a man.

    Its an absolute disgrace and i think that she is just trying it on because the Police are known for their political correctness. She should be fcuked off at the high port. Good on the police force for nipping this in the bud.

    I'm all for freedom of religion and freedom to follow your beliefs, but when you sign on the dotted line to fulfill an obligation don't try and enforce your beliefs on others.
  8. I would sack the stupid bitch. A handshake is a sign of respect & trust. This Muslim has no respect or trust for her Senior Officer. If I refused to shake hands with a GOC on a parade square it would be a different matter and I would be in deep trouble.

    OK this Muslim bint has issues with shaking hands with men. She joined a Western police force and will come into contact with men. I pity those in her section when she gones on the beat as a Con. I have no doubt she will lodge a claim for lots of money for racial harrasment at some stage in the future.

    The needs of your service and duty should always be before your religion. We don't expect her to eat Bacon & Sausages in the police canteen, we respect her wish not to go on the sauce with her section on a Stella quoffing drinkathon. That is personal choice of her lifestyle. I respect that and agree to differ. But not to touch the hand of a dirty white male infidel beggers belief. If she wants to live in a strict Theocracy then she should fcuk off to Saudi. She can live a real strict pure Islamic lifestyle there and will not have to worry about shaking her Chief Con's hand at you know why because females are not allowed to work or serve in the police / military. She can't have it both ways. If she wants to draw a BRITISH wage in £ STERLING then start acting like a responsible BRITISH citizen. This duplicity angers me. It undermines the good decent Muslims who have intergrated into the UK & have gone on to serve well. I think there is a Flag Officer in the RN who is a Muslim and that brave lad from the Int Corps who was taken from us last year. Rant over...grrrrrrr
  9. I think the point is made quite clearly above (My bold). Obviously during the course of her duties, there is no choice. If she has to touch a man, to restrain or cuff him, she is duty bound to do it.

    If she's told to shake the hand of a man, and there is no legitimate reason to do so, as far as i'm concerned she's well within her rights to refuse on whatever grounds she fancies, religious or otherwise (i would follow a similar course of action if asked to shake the hand of John Prescott).

    Another non-story.
  10. Yes but is she only saying this now? Personally I agree with you as over a time of 22 years I have had to shake hands with some pretty obnoxious people but done due avoiding causing upset.

    Should she not have raised the issue before the parade thus avoiding any unpleasantries?
  11. She is just lining this up for a large claim for compensation when she is eventually sacked for failing to do her duty.
    Wouldn't be surprised if she has already contacted Cherie Bliar to act for her at the Court of Human Rights
  12. I am sure that she could have brought this up before the parade and her lack of judgemnet should be held against her.

    The shaking hands thing should not however be related to white non muslim men. The expectation is that they would shake no mans hand regardless of race or religion. Nothing therefore to do with 'dirty white male infidel'.
  13. She should be dismissed or required to resign before she gets her feet under the table. Communication, including non verbal comms, is a fundamental part of police work. If she's unable to shake the hand of a male that she might have assisted or who wanted to apologise for any bother that he may have caused, that male could feel insulted by her refusal to shake his hand.

    Also, a major part of the arrest process is "laying hands on" a prisoner. It reinforced the factthat they are under arrest even if it's just the case of you leading them to the car/van. I wonder how she'll manage that?

    A wholly unsuitable candidate in a police service that seems to be recruiting more and more unsuitable officers to meet home office targets. (by unsuitable i dont mean by race)

    Problem is, if they try and discipline or get rid of her she'll be shouting the R word to all that will listen, and the Met,along with all the police forces, is particularly sensative about that.
  14. I think it's ridiculous. Although I can fully understand not wanting to shake the hand of Commissioner Blair, she was obviously expected to do so as part of her duties as a policewoman.

    A police officer should not have personal opinion, culture or religious belief whilst he/she is on duty.
  15. There was a telephone debate on this very subject on Radio 5 last night. A Majority of callers phoning in were MUslim, and not one condoned her action. The only people trying to defend her were the Muslim Council of GB, but to be fair they were trying to fight a loosing battle