'Muslim Patrol' harrass men for looking 'gay' in London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AlMiles, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. You're not tricking me into opening the Gay Star News!
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  2. "harrass men for looking 'gay' in London"

    I bet they're ****ing busy then! That there London is full of them poofy looking types it is!
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  3. Full of Mohammedans aka Moslems aka whatever-they're-calling-themselves-this-week too, so should keep them all busy! Meanwhile the rest of England gets on with being "normal" and doing productive stuff instead of arguing.

    Not sure why they don't feck off to Brighton though. Can't afford the tickets at Victoria?
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Oh its ok for the Muslim Patrol to be homophobic because that law only applies to Kuffirs! Lets see if we see any arrests out arise from it shall we.
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  5. Interesting to see if their activity falls away on thursdays.
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  6. Will the gay community respond in kind?

    Chuck all flip flops out of Brighton unless they jazz up a bit with day-glow body paint and leopard print short shorts?

    Edited to add, I can't see them harrasing these chaps in a dark alley...

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  7. The religion of peace and love strikes again.

    Actually, has anyone heard from Jarrod today? Mind you, they're on the look out for gays. Tying up young boys and abusing them might actually be up their street if the ANP are anything to go by.
  8. This is well established in certain groups on the Muslim fringe.

    Muslim fanatic fined £100 for 'gay free zone' stickers - Telegraph

    Note that the youth involved in this, later went on to be convicted for this...

    Extremist behind 'gay-free zone' posters jailed for possessing al Qaeda literature - Telegraph
  9. Tan lines, moobs? And what happened to "back, sack and crack" . Get the Imman on the phone ... NOW!
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  10. Andrew's "sports day"?
  11. Afghan Kandak will explain ;P

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  12. Looking forward to it, unless it involves tongues..
  13. ...especially if you don't know where the tongues been?