Muslim no co-operation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chrisg46, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  2. Both probably
  3. Yvonne Ridley is like an ex-smoker - she has to be more of a muslim than anyone else. Absolutely ridiculous - if she were racially harassed for wearing a veil or assaulted in a racial incident she would be straight on the phone dialing 999. I heard her on Radio 4 "Today" this morning and she sounded inarticulate - surprising for an ex-journalist - although saying that I seem to recall she wrote for The Express............
  4. So, they are not going to cooperate with the Met ?? No change there then they have been doing that for years.

  5. "I called for zero tolerance with the Metropolitan Police, the force which has demonstrated time and time again its Islamophobic attitudes," she told BBC News.


    "I called for zero tolerance with followers of Islam, the religion which has demonstrated time and time again its Britophobic attitudes," Cuchulainn told ARRSE News.

    Not my own personal view, but, no doubt if I said that I would be arrested by the Met, go figure.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hats off to the real Muslim there.

    Lets have a bit more coverage of this type of comment.
  7. Send this stupid bint packing back to her bibical roots with her stupid bibical ideas.We, ALL Brits have a duty to help the boys in blue when it comes to intelligence.So if you know of someone or that something is going down you tell the police if not you could be classed as aiding and abetting.
  8. No problem. Yvonne Ridley doesn't want to be a part of our society, live within our laws, and respect our values...let's pass the hat and see if we can't come up with enough for a one-way ticket back to her beloved Afghanistan. I'm sure it's where she would be happier.
  9. From my perspective, both the Met and UK Muslim Leaders need to get their act together.

    At the moment, whoever shouts loudest get the attention. The Met need to stop spinning, Two shootings, both of which appear to result from bungled intel and shocking mismanagement of spin after the ops does not present a good image.

    At the same time the Muslim Leadership, needs to exactly that GET A FCUKING GRIP AND LEAD ITS COMMUNITY. The only way to defeat terrorism is from within, i.e. Muslims need to start proactively offering up information to the police.

    Non-cooperation will not help the community and in the absence of policing radical take over...look at NI. This woman and those who support her views need to be asked the question what the FCUK do they want, if they want a sharia police militia running they can take F.O.

    Bottom line, we need to be a nation of A LERTS, we have pay for (out of taxes) more police who need to be more visible and most important of all every arrest in connection with terrorism should result in one of the three responses below:

    1. A Trail on terrorism charges.
    2. An apology and a public explanation of what went wrong and that lessons have been learned
    3. A trail on other charges.

    Finally if we are serious about being seen to even handed, lets get the PSNI/Glasgow Constabulary knocking down doors in Belfast, Glasgow and Londonderry and make it clear that the pseudo terrorist organisations in NI/Scotland associated with the troubles are going to be put out business for good. The troubles are over and a political solution has been found. Finally, if the arms dumps are known (i.e. location) a few well placed Paveways would be a suitable demonstration of intent.....Whether Blair and Hain have the bollocks is another question completely.
  10. Just how does she intend to "enforce" - (her words) - non co-operation? Going to run around cutting hands and heads off? She's an absolute nutter.
  11. Presumably she still wants the protection of the law (and thus the police) though. What exactly is the law on refusing to cooperate with the police?
  12. Yvonne Ridley came to speak at a debate at our union, can't remember the exact title, but it was something about the inevitability of a clash of civilisations.

    Every other speaker was pretty good, we had your head of the Muslim Association of Britain (didn't agree with much of what he said, but great speaker, really articulate and clear. The Guy from the US embassy

    was monotone and boring, but otherwise OK, and as usuual, if someone stand sup to make a point they'll usually allow them to make it, unless they're pressed for time or in the middle of a train of thought etc...

    Then Yvonne Ridley makes her speech. Usual beggining, bit of background etc... then starts into a lecture about how the US is evil and the cause of everything bad in the world. Bombing everybody insight, provoking attack, racist, imperialist etc... Starts talking faster and faster and more and more ranty. Someone stand s up to make a point, she just talks louder. Someone esle stands up to make a point and she talks louder. After a minute or two she asks them to sit down (way of saying your not going to take their point). Carries on ranting, agian people stand up, she talks louder and then asks them to sit down. As the BS level increases people are standing up to make points more and more frequently, often in unison, and she doesn't take any of their points whatsoever. Soon, she is in full rant mode, oblivious to all and sundry around her, even the four people standing up in unison to another dubious point she's made. She's got a moment in the spotlight and she's not going to let anyone take it away from her. She's pracitcally frothing at the mouth. Eventually, having run over by about two minutes with the the bloke-who-keep-time banging his gavel thingy she finishes and sits down, to some rather bemused applause.

    i don't know if she intended it, but the impression she gave was not of a rational and logical woman, it was a deranged, fanatical bunny boiler, who's beliefs have overcome her power for rational thought. Nutter
  13. Golly where do you want to start? I suppose you could start with wasting police time and work, via obstruction, up to assault police. Or possibly we could take this nutter of a woman and point out that in order to construct the omelette of a Sarin free London, it might be necessary to crack a few Muslim eggs?

    Hm...omelette, yes it is lunch time...
  14. There is nothing worse than a zealot. Someone who has finally found a cause, got a point of view via some religious or spaced out experience and believes only they are right.

    She is a classic apologist for extremist Islam and gives the moderates a bad name. Also tends to turn average Brits against her adopted religion as they associate all looney tunes to be examples of Islam.

    If she is so enthused then send her to a Country where the extreme elements of the Koran are interpreted by the Mullahs and see how mush say she has then. She'll be dressed in black and have to walk behind her old man and shut the f##k up. See how liberal she feels they are then!

    Rant over :oops: