Muslim neighbours scheme launch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jsi49, Nov 22, 2004.

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    "Muslims around Britain are being asked to help break down barriers by getting to know their non-Muslim neighbours.
    Launching the festival at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, organisers said it aimed to build stronger communities and closer neighbours."

    I would have thought that the ways to 'integrate' more, would be to learn the language, stop asking for favoured status in everything from housing to benefit and schools. 8O Don't see a 'cup of tea' doing much? :(
  2. So that they know who the christians are for later "conversion" to Islam ?

    I moved 150 miles just so I could live in a muslim free area, the last thing I want is a muslim neighbour.

    Well said.

    When muslims stop being muslim first and british second I might consider ******* on one if he/she was on **** until then .....

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  3. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Cant see the problem myself :?
  4. Can we get free kebabs instead of tea?!?!

    No problem whatsoever with Muslims, I've known one or two in the Queen's uniform, and many (most or all?) Middle Eastern cultures have a longer and more civilised tradition than a certain ex-colony across the Atlantic. The fact that some are hell-bent on destruction should not be used to tar the entire religion!
  5. I'm sure the same thing was publicised last year but different area of London - and then that was it - no report of it being a success or if no-one did sh1t.

    In addition to gobshoite's list, they can stop having the street signs and other public stuff written in their language too. Bloody liberty. I tried to do my neighbourly bit round my parents' way - when there was a some git breaking into homes with patio doors at the rear - and the dozy mare couldn't say a word, and beckoned me to go away. I wasn't too sad to hear that someone attempted to break in a few months later. They probably blame me as well.

    When my dad came here - he started at the bottom and worked his way up. He believe that benefits were not for him, and he worked damn hard for his family as well as becoming an army man for this/his country.

    And all he had was determination.
  6. :D Sorry if I gave the impression that I was prejudiced (I am but NOT racist). My point was, that I am of the belief, that if you emigrate to a country, you do your level best, has have a great number of other immigrants, to live your life as one of your adopted countries natives. That means learning the language and obeying the laws and contributing to the system for the benefit of all of the society. In the case of this country, we grant you the favour and freedom to follow your own religious views and keep your own culture and habits. It's a bonus and shouldn't be expected as a right. If this grace and favour isn't enough for you and you are looking to be treated with preference over our native population and it is something of an issue with you, then LEAVE! Go back to your own country or find some other host who will grant you preferential treatment (and good luck!).
  7. No - you didn't - not at all

    <pmsl :) but nodding in agreement>
  8. Posts deleted.

    Why is it, every time the word Muslim appears, I can guarantee at least one person goes off the deep end.

    Once again, we're not the only ones reading this board.


  9. I personally don't mind where they live, - as long as its next door to Armourer!! :D :D :D :D
  10. Me neither, However I can see a few ignorant cnuts.
  11. Look on the bright least the tourettes keyboard was turned off. :wink:
    This time
  12. I noticed

    and I only deleted yours, because you'd quoted the previous post in your reply :wink:
  13. I'd be quite happy to live next door to a muslim family rather than the noisy, rude chav b*stards that I am presently having to deal with. garage music @ 4 in the morning & drunken swearing arguments anyone? Grrrh
  14. Off topic, but isn't it possible for arrse members local to growler to form some sort of "posse" (I think thats the term nowdays) and visit the noisy tw@ts and put on a display of synchronised baton twirling and head butting ?
  15. Can they deal with the chavs who drive round by my flat with "music" blaring out of their cars as well please???????????