Muslim leaders in denial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pork_Pie, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. 'Britain's most powerful Islamic body is "in denial" about the prevalence of extreme views among its members, one of its founders has told the BBC.

    The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) pledged to tackle extremism "head on" after the 7 July attacks in London.

    But in a BBC Panorama special, Mehbood Kantharia and other prominent British Muslims question the MCB's commitment to meeting this challenge.

    The programme in question is on tonight - might be worth watching.

    MCB are very unhappy about the programme, and without having seen it, I don't know whether or not some of their complaints are justified.

    However, one of MCB's claims is that the the BBC have the goal of drawing Moslems away from Islam. If the supposed mainstream, moderate MCB can hold such paranoid views (and can also turn a blind eye to groups that are very derogatory to Christians & Jews) - and air them without any feelings of shame or embarrassment - what hope is there for community relations? (Unless most ordinary Moslems are also embarrassed by this nonsense.)

    It's almost as if the MCB (whose current head supported the incitement to murder Salman Rushdie) has deliberately decided to provide ammunition to Islamophobes.
  2. The MCB also complained that the BBC was too pro-Israeli.


    I think it's probably fair to say that the current crop of Middle Eastern correspondents for the corporation virtually double up as PA press officers, so I think it goes to show quite how far out of touch with reality a few in the MCB seem to be.

  3. I would assume the MCB is a devout Islamist organisation.
    What is written is the law.
    Thats the basis of Islam.
    This is why unlike other religions Islam has not pogressed in the modern world. As long as major Islamic states get a living for nothing (Oil) they will go nowhere and remain one generation away from the horse and beloved camel.
    When the oil and "Free" living cum to an end then they must Modernize (Duhbi, Emirates).
    Islam has a future but first it must join the real working world.
  4. A little history lesson here Mohammed wrote the koran, little known fact that the koran is based on two books the first book was like the christian bible with lessons and parables that are for the good of humanity. the second book was a litlle bit more militant. the second book contains all the indoctrination that these so called hate preachers use. These militant teachings are a simple form of indoctrination that builds up and divides the person from the moral and ethical teachings of the first book.

    I am not a racist I spent a long time with a muslim friend whom explained it to me.
  5. Not so sure about that. If you look at the stats on BBC reporting on Israel/Palistine you would find that not only the amount of reports but also the tone of those reports are most defenitlely Pro Israeli.

    Had this discussion on another forum and some guy had a shed load of numbers and breakdown on the type of reports, you know the "Palistinian terrorist murders x Israelis" as opposed to "Isreali soldiers respond to terrorist attacks by shooting x Palastinians".

    The BBC themselves have published a report that says the very same thing.

    BBC report
  6. Steven,
    it is the tone of the BBC reports that is pro Palestinian. Factual reporting will always be biased the other way 'cos that is the fact of the matter.
  7. Could that be down to the fact that far more isrealis have been killed by palestinian terrorists than palestinians killed by IDF soldiers?? :?:
  8. It would be preferable for accredited/professional press agencies to base their reporting on fact (and in context) without tone or slant, etc. It would allow for external spectators/people in general to make balanced opinions on any issues, whether it be Israel/Palestine, Muslim leaders in the UK, etc. The press is a very strong force which has more influence on peoples formative views, then sometimes we give them credit.
  9. Um No.
    Israeli Casualties: Adults and Minors
    September 2000 to May 5, 2002
    Civilian Injuries: 2,707
    Civilian Deaths: 319
    Source: Israel Defense Forces

    Palestinian Casualties: Adults and Minors in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
    September 2000 to May 6, 2002
    Injuries: 19,189
    Deaths: 1,538
    Source: Palestine Red Crescent Society

    And the numbers for 1987 - 2000 and 2002 - date are roughly the same balance of Israeli cas to Palastinian cas.

    The Israelis kill a shed load more Palestinians than the other way round.
  10. A question from these figures: the IDF figures refer to civilians i.e. the terror was directed at civilians alone on the basis of these figures. Are the number of deaths cited from Red Crescent purely civilians or do they contain figures on terrorists/gunmen/militants, etc?
    As an aside, quantifying the deaths does not indicate either side winning the struggle/conflict.
  11. Can't be bothered trawling the net for more figures as it is much too depressing. The point of posting that was just to show Agent_Smith that his reasoning was faulty.

    Have found this graph that shows TOTAL deaths (civie and military/terrorist) for 2000-2003 and it still shows that same discrepancy. ie Israelis make up 27 percent of the total fatalities.


    This site ICT ORG has a shite load of facts and figures if you are at all interested.