Muslim leader to condemn terrorists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by J_D, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE

  2. That's a very positive step on a highly topical issue.The only problem I can see is that when one following/sect of Islam issue a fatwa that threatens the ideological drive for extremism, the Emirs of the extremist movement will declare their opponents kafir.

    This, to all intents and purposes negates the opponents fatwa in the eyes of the extremists.

    Islam, by it's nature, is open to interpretation, and (obviously) lacks some kind of central figure (in the same way that Catholicism has the Pope) to make an authoritative statement.
  3. Ho well another muslim with a death wish (hope hes booked his virgins).
  4. This thread has an advert for Scientology at the top 8O
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Roll on the day myth and superstition is consigned to the dustbin of history.
  6. Yeah, fingers crossed eh!!!! :lol:
  7. I wonder why this one is getting all this publicity, there have been several similar statements by others before but the media seem to have ignored them. Often I think both the TV and the press are happy to stir up hatred in this sphere because it is giood for business.

    Any way it is not just Islam that has numpties who think killing in the name of god is good, there is a christian on trial in the Hague at the moment for having many muslims killed in the name of his god. There are septic fundamentalists who think killing doctors and nurses at abortion clinics is good. The list can go on and on. The reality is that almost all religions can be used to legitemise the discrimination and murder of those who do not conform.
  8. One person's voice against the thousands that disagree with him and continue to praise and encourage violence against the West! I would feel more reassured if there had been this sort of action by ALL of the various Islamic leaders immediately post 9/11, the London bombings, the Madrid bombings & every other atrocity, rather than the massive scenes of celebration viewed in many mudlim countries following 9/11! As it is I fear it is too little too late!
  9. To be fair this is a 2nd cleric who has spoken out against the Islamic community in this manner, the thread is on arrse somewhere,

    However it 'is' a good positive step forward in the right direction, the trouble is the cynical aspect of it :wink:
  10. Probably because of his status. He represents a mainstream Pakistani Sunni school of thought, and that is the group that we are mostly fighting at the moment. He is also a respected thinker on Islamic law, rather than one of the self-taught enthusiasts who currently seem to be getting all the attention. As I have said before, the problem with being a self taught expert is that you don't know if your instructor is an idiot.

    Imagine if, during the Crusades, a Catholic Cardinal had gone public with a statement that said that the whole death and violence thing was theologically unsound, and that Crusaders were at risk of hell and purgatory.
    It might not have stopped the Crusades, but it might have seriously reduced the level of enthusiasm.

    I agree with the rest of your comments. Religion is a hook you can hang many things on. You can justify anything with it. More accurately, you can hide anything under it. BUT it's not compulsory!

    If you want to be a right b*****d to your neighbour, Scripture will give you the justification. But don't blame the various books. A book is just a book. If you don't like it, you can close it. Blame the reader. It's what's festering in his pointy little head that causes the death and destruction.He just wants an excuse. If someone has already filled him up with hate and spite from a kid, then that's what he'll bring to his religion.
  11. Even so several of those I have heard manging to slip their condemnation of in particular suicide attacks have been UK community leaders in the mainstream of UK Islamic politics. The reality is in general the UK press and TV will give airtime to any Jihadi who pops up but consistantly faiol to give the same opportunity the the moderate majority, who all will say that jihadism is not in their name.

    Taking it back to the crusades is a false arguement, morality was different then, slavery was not illegal, it was normal, child sex was encourtaged etc etc. The Jihadists compare more equably with the likes of Milosovich who claims his ethnic cleansing was a justfied holy war.
  12. Don't mock it, this boy is a serious player on the Islamic scence. For him to have done this is major league.
  13. God willing! :D
  14. I doubt very much the 'Majority' of arrsers are mocking this in all seriousness but you do have to expect a certain % of cynical views,

    'if' the proper research is carried out then more in depth subject knowledge will allow others to understand the clout he has, but many have will have cynical views of which it their right :wink:

    I agree Muzzleflash for him to speak out like the other cleric against the extremists is a positive & huge move forward in the right direction BUT to educate certain elements of the Islamic community away from the radicals will take more a lot more than this.