Muslim leader states Gays are harmful to society

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldTimer, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. The Leader of the Muslims in the UK has stated that Gays are harmful to society.
    Perhaps he should consider how many Gays have committed acts of terrorism in the UK , or elsewhere for that matter .
  2. Two things.
    2)It's only a very very very (yes I think it warrants three 'very') small minority of Muslims that become suicide bombers. On the other hand it's a very large percentage of gays that get on my nerves, so he may be onto something.
  3. A Muslim I may be able to have a conversation with and for once agree on something.
  4. Elected, self-appointed or Bliar crony?
  5. OK the first two I get but the last one....wouldn't Tonie be lining up the Uphill Gardners up for an award?
  6. Neue Arbeit wants the muslim vote, and several prominent muslims are major donors to the party (a few have recently been given peerages, and their companies have 'won' contracts with government agencies). Bliar also got the crawling leader of the absurd 'Muslim Council' knighted. It's possible one might have 'turned'.

    On the other hand Neue Arbeit likes to be seen as 'inclusive' and so encourages those who insert their penises into other men's rectums, even to the extent of providing important jobs, even when they've twice had to resign from Cabinet jobs for dishonesty, and have 'arranged' for visas for their boyfriends.

    I imagine some Government spokesman will accuse the 'muslim leader' of 'only representing a small minority of UK muslims blah blah, most muslims are very sensible and wouldn't dream of blowing themselves up or being chutney ferrets, and can we rely on your vote again...'
  7. Seems BLair is in a bit of a pickle then; one side I want kakpipe inspectors and otherhand they are repugnant....must be great thorwning morals and values to the wind :oops:
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't care what consenting adult perverts do to each other as long as I don't have to pretend its normal. I think that religious bigotry is far more dangerous to society that puffs are. I don't understand what the religious nazis are scared of. If thier gods or pixies or whatever they believe in are so powerful why did they make the Arrse bandits the way they are?

    Actually I do understand what the God botherers arer scared of. Once you start to question thier beliefs the whole thing starts to crumble. People notice that infact the King aint wearing no clothes and there aint no pixies, hobgoblin, gods or whatever.

    The morning after Sir Elton and David tied the knot there was a 'debate' on the BBC's morning TV show between a Gay rights activist and a sky pilot from the Church of seventh day revisionist in Norther Ireland (youngish Paisley type). The Rev Paddy O'Bigot managed to make the queer sound like the voice of reason. I can't help thinking that NI would be a nicer place with a few less sky pilots and a few more faries!
  9. Bl00dy hell - who let the Neanderthals out? When you lot have finished dragging your knuckles along the ground, perhaps you can join the rest of us in refraining from pointless insults that reflect poorly on this site. What folks get up to in their own time is their own affair. The guy is also entitled to his own views on homosexuality. From the look of it he seems to be going wrong in trying to pass his views off as some sort of fact. Personally, I'm more concerned about the rise in religious fundmentalism (in all it's guises - Christian, Muslim and Jewish) rather than the recognition of personal tastes that have always existed in our society. Just because homosexuality was illegal in the forces until recently does not mean that there were not gays in there, just that they weren't open about it.
  10. Link to story here.

    I far as I am aware, there are no centers where young gays are being encouraged to hate Western culture, and suggest they volunteer to conduct suicide attacks on straight people. Religious bigotry scares me more.

    That being said, it would be interesting to see whether this statement is condemned...or if it's ignored because it's not PC to take certain people to task for expressing dogmatic religious views?
  11. Will he be getting a a visit from the two bobbies working for Wyre Borough Council as well?? Just like Joe and Helen Roberts Link

    Thought not..... :roll:
  12. This is an extract from a Charles Clarke letter to a Muslim:

    We understand that this legislation was of vital importance to the Muslim
    community. But the reason we cannot pass this legislation is because both the
    Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have blocked the legislation in Parliament.
    The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives made it clear that they were not
    willing to see this measure become law. They bear full responsibility for blocking
    this part of the Bill. I am sure that you and other members of the Muslim
    community will take very careful note of that, particularly the opposition of the
    Liberal Democrats on this issue.

    It must be a real dilemma between trying to get the Muslim vote AND the Homosexual vote at the same time, it's a pity the Labour Party no longer cares about the working class vote (You remember the working classes don't you Mr Bliar?)
  13. If the Leader of the UK Muslims can state that players of the pink oboe are harmful to society then surely as the Leader of my family I can state that Muslims are harmful to society as well.
  14. Monsoon_ditch, I believe under the current regime stating such an opinion too loudly, could get you up to seven years.
    'the truth is no defence'

    Happy New Year to all Arrse users.
  15. Have just read the paper, and see that the 'muslim leader' in question is none other that Bliar's best mate Sir Iqbal Sacranie, leader of the Muslim Council, an unelected body that represents some muslims in Britain. How very embarrassing for the Dear Leader; he only got Sacrony his knighthood last year (for his work as muslim leader, apparently, but more likely because he is a Neue Arbeit supporter). How quickly the Celestial Navigator's handing out of rewards for getting the muslim vote and supporting Labour over Iraq has come back to bite him.

    The Muslim Council's previous outpourings include a statement that Holocaust Memorial Day excluded muslims (who, let us not forget, would like to exclude everyone but muslims from the world). It has also said that the legislation against forced marriages and honour killings is not required, and it should be left to the muslim community to deal with it, neatly missing the point that it is precisely because the community continues these mediaeval practices that legislation is needed.