Muslim law reaches Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Malteser, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Source: Daily Express

    How far do we have to go and how much do we have to surrender before this moraly bankrupt Government either quit of get a back bone
  2. If you live in the UK you live by UK law, end of. :!:
  3. This has got well beyond a joke. Deport him if he thinks Somalia has so much to offer.

    Ex STAB
  4. I see nothing wrong in what the somalians did. It may sound ominous in that it is being called a "court" and "Law" but the simple fact is, the community had a meeting to sort out a problem in their area and the perpertartors were asked/told to pay compensation and did so.
    The dividing line would have been if then perpetrator had refused to pay the compensation and further "illegal" (under british law) action had been taken by the community.
    Likewise the amputation of limbs etc is obviosuly against UK law and so shouldnt be allowed. But I for one would love to see more involvement by the community in areas around me. Perhaps if we had this level of cohesiveness in our communities, there would not be such a "Yob" culture we have now.
    I would also like to stress that by "community" I mean people in a particular area, regardless of race, creed or colour
  5. Uber hyped non story

    live in this country, comply with our law of fcuk off!
  6. In this country the proper place to resolve disputes, especially those involving a breach of the Queen's peace, is in the Courts.


    Ex STAB
  7. Wow , another non-story pumped up.

    Have there ever been unofficial 'Community courts' operated anywhere else in the UK I wonder, handing out something a bit more harsh than a fine and community service?

    Sharia Law is NOT going to replace British law in the statute books, ever.

    Even Dr. 'I'm more Islamic than I appear to be' Naseem says

    Quelle suprise, it's the Daily Hate, with it's usual blend of nebulous statements and half truths pumped to look like fact

    With a name like that , he sounds like one of these Islamic moderate academics warning of the peril in our midst doesn't he?

    Except he's not. In fact he is........ an Anglican Priest, who writes here and connected to the Barnabas fund, which itself has some forthright views concerning the sky falling.

    The only surprise to me, is the author of the piece isn't Melanie Phillips.

    If the community wants to get medieval with some of the ratboys hereabouts, and the Somali community want to adminster 30 lashes behind closed doors to the bugger that broke into my house 2 years ago, then crack on.

    It saves our overworked local Coppers a job.
  8. Yes and we know how good our courts systems are at dealing with hooligans dont we. You try taking the group of yobs who constantly go around shouting abuse at pensioners and kicking bins over etc, to court. Its to minor and widespread to be dealt with by "law"

    I read this as simply a community that has values it imposes on its members "IN ADDITION" to those of the state. In a very similar way that memebrship of private members clubs/Officers/Sgts Messes etc expect values of its memebrs, above those simply required by the "law".
    As has been said, this has been hyped up on religious grounds. If it had been a elderly pensioner whos slapped a mugger and made him give his money back, we would have been cheering "yeah good for you". Instead add a bit of xenophobia to it and it becomes another racist story
  9. Fair comment, BUT where are the checks and balances on this system? Who decides whats fair? I have the same issues with this as I do with the vigilante attacks in the past where innocent people have been mistakenly targetted.
    Whilst it may well save the local copper a bit of time it is the coppers job to sort it.

    I suspect the reality is that if we had an effective police force and criminal justice system there would be no need for parallel systems such as this could become.
  10. Doesn't she write for the Mail not the Express
  11. I agree totally with the sentiments about the police and justice system. Also I can see their might be probelms with the checks and balances, but at the end of the day, the underlying fairness would be that these communites cannot "legally" enforce their will. If the person receiveing the punishments decides not to go along with it, then there would be nothing the community could do about it unfortunatly. But is is a testament to the strength of the community that loosing of "respect" is often enough to keep youngsters in line.
  12. She does. My point was, this is the sort of thing I'd normally expect to see her name attached to.
  13. Community action, the neighbourhood taking care of its own problems, just "policing" our own turf. Call it what you will it is still vigilante actions.

    Remember what happend the last time the "community" decided to take care of a local problem.?

    A pediatrician gets his house smashed up.

    Where is the difference between this bunch of village elders handing down punishment and Tony Martin?
  14. True, but if I remember rightly, the majority of people seemed to support Tony Martin!
  15. This "bunch iof village elders" ordered someone to pay compensation, and he did. The order was not legally enforcable, and even giving the order was not against the law. What Tony Martin did, was illegal. I refer you to my previous post about what constitutes "fair". If the said elders had gone after the guys with machettes if he hadnt paid, then I would not be on their side any longer.