Muslim Jihad.A perspective

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by muhandis89, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Recent airing of various martyrdom videos in a UK court case,shows how deluded some of these,would be,matyrs have become:

    If they wish to declare war on 'non believers',they are already outnumbered!

    They interpret and re-interpret the Koran to suit themselves,often aided by clerics with little or no formal religious education.

    Anyone who wants to go to paradise and expect virgins(in any quantity),on arrival, is clearly deluded ( or a sex maniac).Anyone who has encountered virgins in any quantity should tell these people what to expect.
  2. excellent, another simplistic generalisation of halfarrsed facts once again presented in an alarmist islamophobic manner...........

    ..........we cant have enough i say. this constant flood of bigoty must continue!

    please conclude now by calling for immediate repatriation of all non white, non christian people to thier nations of ethnic origins, so you feel that warm glow of self righteous smug indignation all the way from the top of your braindead head to the tips of your little racist toes.

  3. Well-That's a point of view!! I have spent a number of years in The Middle East,and speak from personal experience of war and peace there?Have I no idea of what I am talking about? Clearly you are looking at my post from some kind of idealist point of view?
  4. Whereas I Muhandis, would say that the Martyrdom videos show how easy it is to brainwash a disaffected young man.

    In NO WAY do I condone what these Terrorist Scum have attempted to do, and I hope that if found guilty they rot for years.

    However. Where did they get their religious Idealogue from? I personally believe that if they are shown to have attended one of the more fundementalist mosques we should build a case against the Cleric doing the preaching. There are plenty of Incitement, Conspiracy and Terrorism laws on the statute books, why do we appear to be afraid to use them in the manner intended?

    Incidentally I think this should be the same for preachers of all faiths. Muhandis, read your post again. At first viewing it does have the whiff of Mouth Breathing Racist about it, whatever the intent.

    Hence Dr Stealths Post, which I wholeheartedly support until I see other evidence of your intent!

  5. Heaven forbid anyone should critisize people who were planning on killing thousands.

    You can scream racist all you want, no-one in their right mind gives a f**k anymore.

    I think most people are starting to realise that a religion is nothing to do with race, and no religion should be above critisism.

    After all, most of the worlds major religions were invented in a time when we thought the world was flat and the sun might fall out of the sky.
  6. Care to show me where I failed to criticise?

    In fact I widened the debate to include the clerics of that and other religions! I do give a feck Mark - does that mean I'm not in my right mind?

    I wholeheartedly agree that religion is nothing to do with race, its not easy for others to make the same separation, which was my point.

    If I made it poorly, I apologise, but I really do think we share the same point of view!
  7. I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to doctor stealth.
  8. :roll: