Muslim Headscarves and Uniform?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Just spotted this article on the Danish Home Guard Website:

    I can translate the rest later if anyone's interested.

    What do you reckon to this? Good thing? Bad thing?

    Is it likely to increase the recruitment of minorities?

    Would this be an advantage or disadvantage when deployed?

    Any comments?

  2. Can't see any problem myself. Sikhs are allowed turbans and it's never been an issue.
  3. Why on earth should she be allowed to wear it? It's not like a Sikh turban in that it forms a religious requirement? If a squaddie moans about (say) halal rations for Muslims, then there is at least a robust argument to defend it.

    There's no real defence if someone moans about this, as it's quite simply special treatment.
  4. If she's devout enough that she believes she has to wear a headscarf, isn't she also too devout to touch any male to rescue them or work with them?
    Is she any practical use?- that's the real question
  5. I have a problem with Halal and Kosher rations which are in conflict with animal welfare legislation due to the fact that the animals are not stunned before slaughter.

    Being a firm believer in animal welfare, would it be a breach of my perfectly logical and sensible beliefs to handle these rations? Especially as the cruelty is inflicted as a result of superstition? I actually find the practice of ritual slaughter deeply cruel and offensive. Which illustrates perfectly why multi culturalism can never work, you always have to discriminate against someones beliefs.

    There is no religious requirment for Muslims to wear headscarves as their not so good book merely states they must be dressed "ModestlY" unless someone can tell me different.

    My opinion, if people don't like our culture and traditions, we shouldn't pander to them, we should tell them to find somewhere more in keeping with their superstitions.
  6. What does she wear when swimming? If Western style, it makes a nonsense of her given reasons for wearing a headscarf. Even greater loss of what she thinks of as 'modesty' I would have thought.
  7. Not sure that the turban is a requirement, technically. The real ones are the 5 Ks: kesh (hair), kara (bangle), kanga (comb), kachcha (boxers) and kirpan (dagger) - the latter usually just a small representation set into the kanga, except for the SERIOUSLY orthodox.

    But any Sikhs on the site may be better qualified to comment than me. Chardi Kala!
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    There are a few girls around Gutersloh who could do with wearing a Burqa.
  9. Oh dear, some muslima wants to join the Danish army and all and sundry turn into fcuking mullahs to tell her she shouldn't? These are the Muslims we should be welcoming, methinks...

    And yes TCM, I do kill animals without stunning them first myself - with 30-06 - not a kashrut thing mind you...
    Get a grip FFS.
  10. I agree with TCM. Stop F'kin pandering to superstitious stupidity.
  11. seems keen to be a member not demanding special treatment just to wear a headscarf not a massive problem.
    think we have dpm hibjabs in stock anyway not sure anyone needs them probably why we have them in stock :twisted:
  12. Not an "Asian Babe" is she?
  13. Seems to have her (be-scarfed) head screwed on and is keen to do her bit. Good for her, I say. I disagree with all religious nonsense and demanding of rights, but banning her from the forces that she is keen to serve in is not going to solve anything.
  14. You'll find they pick and choose what rules they want to follow to suit themselves.
  15. If everyone in the Danish army can wear them then it isn't special treatment if its because she is muslim then it is special treatment.