Muslim group Minhaj-ul-Quran issues fatwa against terrorists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OCS001, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. I'm sure Al-qaeda will give up after hearing about this.
  2. Hmm, remember dammed if you do and dammed if you dont.

    Dont forget a lot of extremists no longer really practice Islam but are just brain buggered thugs that get a kick out of murder.

    Most of them wont listen to their parents who bought them up muslims, so why would they listen to a sensible person? People always hear what they want to hear.

    The excuse this time is going to be 'uncle tom syndrome' Because the guy is based in Canada and advises the government of the UK on things, they will say he has been 'westernized' or 'in the pocket of the infidel' or some excuse.

    The only bed I would ever place in ladbrookes would be that if Osoma bin laden himself came out the hills, shrugged and said, its all a mistake actually they are all nice guys and killing is wrong, some organisation would come out with a reason why not to listen to him.

    Look at the IRA and how many times it splintered because, humans just want an excuse for violence

    and to be honest, if they put down their weapons and stopped, we would just find an excuse to attack them anyway like, faking a plane crash into a tower, or, weapons of mass destruction that dont exist....

    oops did I say that?

    dammed if you do, dammed if you dont, and now we are dammed by them too!
  3. Positive step, 9 years too late.
  4. It is a start. If it does nothing else it at least provides a counter argument to a young muslim in danger of becoming radicalised. The fact that it is from somebody who they might believe has holy authority is a bonus.
  5. Damned if they do, damned if they don't springs to mind.

    How many on here wail about Muslims not condemning terrorism and usurping the status quo, then when someone takes a public stance that should actually be lauded get sneered at.

    Surely, in a battle of hearts and minds, it's a positive step?

    Hmm, Rogue Trader, great minds also occurs!!!

  6. It would have been an awful lot more positive a decade ago.
    Instead, he has waitied until public opinion in the UK is now becoming distictly hostile to Islam to do it.
    It smacks a little of doing something because everyone realises sitting on the fence is no longer good enough, if he had serious intent it would have been done long ago.

    At best it is an atempt to placate an increasingly angry British public. Too little, too late and just not good enough.
    A long and conspicious silence has spoken volumes for too many years.
  7. Yeah well what took them so long? (I don't just mean from sept 11th 2001, the palestinians have had suicide bombers for years before that).
    I can't help but think they may well be after a bit of goverment cash. (its says they are an NGO so where is their normal funding coming from).
  8. As it says in some of the comments following the article, why hasn't this happened before? Probably just a spin sponsored propaganda effort to deflect the distrust many Brits feel for the ever increasing Muslim presence in Briton!! And as another commented " I'm sure Al Quaeda will stop now" :roll:
  9. Iwas quite pleased to see the moderate Muslims a bit louder over the WB proposed march from those islam4 whatever they weres.

    At least they can speak the same language, typical 400 page document to say "shorten your necks", but its a step in the right direcction.

    Also hopeful for MI to get some support back in the terrorist home countries, can't be bad in my book!
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it's taken long enough for something like this to be done. IMO.

    does it really take nine years to decide that it *is* a bad thing to kill innocent people?
  11. So Islamic extremists are committing atrocities because they just like to kill people? Nothing more nothing less!

    Get real you fucking mong.
  12. Fully agree, however it 'is' a positive constructive step in the right direction and will be welcome in many countries/Governments whom this affects,

    For a high profile (with clout) islamic individual such as him to speak out hopefully will break down the barriers which do exist between the cultures,

    However, whether or not as he's stated the 'brainwashed' sectors will take heed & listen is a whole new ball game or just call him a islamic traitor, which i somehow doubt (400 books on IL is impressive mind)

    It will be interesting to see how this develops, if at all???
  13. I should imagine with a lot of such things the timing is as important as anything else. Just like in NI, nothing really got shifting until the public mood was in favour.
    I'm reliably informed that, as with Christian texts, these edicts can't just be bashed out overnight, they take intense research and an enormous knowledge of Islam. It might well be that the scholars who were moved to work on this fatwa did so as they progressed far enough in their religion to be taken seriously as scholars.
    Stacker, no, it wont make AQ give up but it stops them from spouting their lies ad infinitum and unopposed. It gives those clerics who are telling the young people that terrorism isn't the way some authority to draw on. These things do take time, more's the pity, but better late than never.
    It certainly gives the lie to those who would like to preach that all Moslems are the same and that they all want to eradicate the West. If you are not grateful for these peace offerings and different paths being offered to young Moslems then you have to ask yourself why. Is it, perhaps, that you don't want to get on with Moslems in peace and harmony without them encroaching on your religious beliefs or way of life and, if not, why not?
  14. I doubt it will have any influence on people already radicalised. What it does do is provide a counter-view to people who may become radicalised. At best it will make it a bit harder to recruit and radicalise some potential jihadist's but that is better than nothing.