Muslim GP faces disciplinary hearing for attack on gays

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugly, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. It's their culture innit....

  2. ............not of course that Dr Michael Irwin himself, or the organisation he represents, is free from bigotry, as is demonstrated by one of their fundamental tenets - 'We are opposed to religious influences in Medicine where these affect the manner in which medical practice is performed'.

    I suppose it all boils down then to if you are the right kind of bigot or not.
  3. i fail to see how a desire for evidence based therapies is bigotry. It sounds to me like you have an axe to grind!

  4. Source?
  5. We seem to have a 'Muslim Association' for just about everything now.Why???
  6. Well, there is a Christian association for lots of different things, why not Muslim? Personally, I think they are all loonies, but hey!
  7. Yeah, and of course you'd have that same attitude if he was talking about wounded squaddies rather than gays wouldn't you?
  8. Before the accusations of homophobia start - no I don't agree with his views.

    If this man's religion supports or even forms his view then I am afraid that in a free society he is quite entitled to hold these views. If he choses to publish these views, again in a free society he should be entitled to do so. If the magazine considered that the views were likely to offend anyone, then they had every right not to publish the letter. We may or may not agree with the views but most people would think he was ill-advised to publish his views - but then we probably don't understand his views and why he chose to make them public.

    Would the GMC take a similar view of a devout christian doctor who had and expressed similar views (and some do)? Similarly what would the GMC do about doctors who refuse to perform surgery such as terminations due to Christian teaching on the sanctitiy of life.

    The GMC should only be concerned with whether this GP allowed his prejudices to adversely affect the treatment he was giving. It is dangerous step to start telling people what they can and can't think.
  9. Can't make the connection myself. Evidence-based therapies has nothing to do with it. The key question is 'Do/have his views affected the standard of care he gives to his patients' (and this is far removed from does he like 'em), and not 'is the type of treatment he provides based on evidence?'

    This question has not been answered, and cannot be until the PCT enquiry, if indeed there is going to be one, concludes. All else, until that point is reached, is mere conjecture and hype.
  10. google it yourself or are you too busy chatting with you muslim terrorist mates ?
  11. This poor old country is 'cream-crackered', totally 'cattle-tracked'. No prizes for who I blame - a clue just in case you are stuck: 'He is a disgraced, dishonest git with a plug ugly grasping wife'.

    Back to poo-pushers.

    Now believe this, it will take a lot of effort but believe it, and I quote:

    'The government says that all hotels or guest-houses who refuse to accept homosexual couples must impose a "sleeping ban" on all other guests".

    I quote again from a newspaper:

    'Meg Munn* a junior minister, has empahsised that it is illegal to allow married couples to share a room at a guest house or hotel while not allowing homosexuals the same right'.

    * Who the b*ggering b*llox is Meg Munn? Male or Female? Is my tax money paying for him/her?

    How many new civil servant jobs will Brown authorize to police this disgusting edict?

    Have we gone nationally insane? Is the European Soviet Union behind this?

    I salute the Moslem physician for taking a stand on this matter. Just think of the design aspects of the human frame and consider the rights and wrongs of this vexed question.
  12. The second bold is really the only point that matters. My GP was a devout Christian pacifist who thouroughly disapproved of my decision to join the Army (as if I gave the smallest damn), he still did his best to support my application after it was rejected on medical grounds. As long as this doctor still does his job in a totally professional manner and does not break the hippocratic oath when treating the homosexual men, then leave him to his poisonous opinions.