Muslim gangs are taking control of prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, May 25, 2008.

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  1. The Grauniad.

    Personally, I fail to understand why anyone other than the Prison Service should have anything other than total control over every single aspect of life inside British prisons, subject obviously to Home Office direction.

    However, where a Home Office induges in weak, weaselly nonsense such as is reported here, it really is only a matter of counting down the days until the lunatics take over the running of the asylum:
  2. Bit ironic that this comes from The Gruniad given that they are the first to bleat about "rights" etc.
  3. Not the only thing they are taking control of, bringing us down from the inside out kinda thing!
    Seen it in a film before you start!

    including a development day for staff on the Muslim faith, ENDQUOTE

    This is what grinds my shit, I know their is alot of muslim bashing butsegregating themselfs from our culture then complaining because we dont respect, become a part of their culture.

  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    They're nonces doing time for whatever,they lost whtever human rights they had when they commited the crime imho!
    Put the feckers in solitary without a prayer mat!
  5. If the prison service don´t have control of the prison, I would suggest riot shileds, cs gas and baton rounds until control is wrested from the "gangs" of which ever type.

    Then life can go on, as usual.
  6. Remeinds me of HM peterhead, SAS, and the courtcase man in black nasty climbed down rope and then battered shiote out of them, was this the man who assaulted you, "can't sure as he is not wearing any black tape".
  7. nothing new there as they are taken over the U.K.
  8. A fair better use of limited funds would be to bang the ringleaders in Seg, and ship the rest preferably to 'safer custody accom' aka a nonce wing :lol:
  9. Any prison gangs should be smashed using whatever force is required.

    Once the above is achieved,disipline should then be strict in the extreme,with the use of extended sentences,extra work,loss of priviliges and assiciation used as a deterrent within the prison system.
  10. This is just going to lead to a system similar to the US which gangs separated on ethnic or racial grouds. I also have a feeling if it was the Aryan Brotherhood the media would have the prison services by the testicles screaming about institutional racism.

    Its interesting that equality is a oneway street?
  11. Hasn't it always been?
  12. Sort out the leaders, the staff will know who they are, and move them to other establishments. There are enough prisons with a number of wings/units to accomodate most of them.
    It used to be called the magic roundabout and was used to good effect to disrupt any organised activities that were deemed a threat to security or safety.
  13. and the band played on............................
  14. I was wondering how long it would take before you turned up.
  15. I know one of the screws who went in as part of the riot squad that followed Them. Cons had filled the suicide netting between levals with debris from the cells; wood, bricks, glass etc.

    One of the cons was chucked over the top railing onto the rubble by a couple of Hooligans. They went down and asked him if he was badly injured. When the stupid cnut said no, they dragged him back up the stairs and threw him over again, this time breaking his leg! :twisted: :lol: