Muslim family ‘banned from visiting newborn baby’ because they looked ‘scary’


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Or more likely;

They arrived in a group 15 deep as is the standard we see over here. By making a complete racket in their heathen jibber jabber they were upsetting the new born infants and the other smaller family groups.

When asked to leave they played the racism card.

After being removed from the hospital they instantly sought out the nearest newspaper to go crying too in an effort to be payed some form of compensation.

Seen it all too often...
The Romas are far worse. There were about 20 of the fuckers around the family in the next bed and they kept pushing through the curtain.

I tell you what, that was the midst alert I've ever been whilst stagging across the
Sorta makes you wonder, if they’ll shäg a goat, kill it, then eat it.....Are those so called honour killings really about honour, or just getting ride of evidence?
Apparently "sexy time" goats are kept separate from "future din-dins" goats, as eating the former is haram.
Strange sky pixie stuff indeed.
Horrible dark weather,
Can't afford trousers.

A resident of Lincolnshire if I'm any judge.

That will be North Lincolnshire...............Think of a Yorkshire person with terminal brain damage
No you’ve all got it wrong, the security man thought they had arrived to measure the babeeeee up for its suicide vest.

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