Muslim Extremist Victory

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by B00MER, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Baroness Warsi - Minister without Portfolio - who are they trying to kid! (minister for Muslims was obviously too much even for Dave!)
    Should a community have a seat in the cabinet for an un-elected peer, who could not even win in her own community..
    What kind of president does this set? :?
    To me a very dangerous one, not only must the extremists be elated but what of other communities........... Bombing works obviously!
  2. Any link to this?
  3. The eagle flies east at noon.
  4. There's no nice way to say this.

    You're an idiot.
  5. So you think that a religious group should have special treatment, this has not been extended to the other religious groups, what about others.....
  6. I stand corrected - she's apparently the new Party Chairperson...
    Said on BBC banner that she was without portfolio....
  7. Like he said, you're an idiot.
  8. Why, clarify?
  9. I take it the outrage bus is back in the garage :?
  10. She is Minister Without Portfolio as well - but this is often (but not always) used as a means of getting the Chairman of the governing party into Cabinet.

    Ministers with departments to run rarely have time to do the job of party chairman properly (and where a Minister is the party chairman they usually have a deputy who does most of the leg-work); in the coalition environment, I daresay that Cameron felt it'd be useful to have someone with a direct link to party activists, etc, etc sitting in the cabinet.

    She's not the first Muslim to be a minister, and is hated by Muslim extremists (she's been pelted with rubbish by some of those suicide-bomber-walt supporters at least once for being an 'apostate'...). She's also really rather bright and rather good, which is probably why she's been appointed. I'd say that the chances of Cameron having appointed her to appeal to Muslims is about as likely as opening the Daily Telegraph tomorrow and finding that Simon Heffer has written an article declaring David Cameron to be the greatest leader of the Conservative party since Sir Robert Peel.

    (And if you do find such an article, it's still more likely to mean that Heffer's gone completely hatstand at the thought of Liberals in government and has been quietly shepherded away by men in white coats after submitting his copy...)
  11. I have no problem with Muslim and / or women Ministers, thank you for the clarification. With all this new government - might have been nice if she had been elected though...
  12. See here for starters.

    I can't be arsed to go into detail, so I'll just say she's probably everything Muslim extremists hate the most , but that is not the only fault with your argument, there are many more.
  13. So when she was given her life peerage / youngest peer it had nothing to do with her religion (be it that the extremisists apparently don't like her)... I was not implying that she is/was an extremist simply that her appointment was due to their activities....
  14. Like the one whose boss is our head of state, you mean? Can't get much higher up in government than that after all.
  15. President? Like Tony Blair you mean?