Muslim Council calls for 7/7 public enquiry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Why is the Muslim Council calling fro a 7/7 public enquiry?

    I would have thought that the Muslim community could only come out badly from it. Or do they hope to turn it into a political circus discussing the rights and wrongs of going to war in Iraq etc
  2. There are many unresolved queries in this case. Nothing to do with the did they or didn't they aspect but the agitators hope that by spreading enough doubt about and refusing to accept anything as 'fact'. they can suggest it was King Kong wot dun it. Foxtrot Oscar is the right answer to them.
    Doubtless their supporters will say that if 'we' have nothing to fear, we should have the inquiry. It would then grow into the Stephen Lawrence thing. We have nothing to fear but can use the police time and our money for better things. If they don't like that, remind them of their attitude that Allah is in charge of all things - even the deaths of their 'martyrs'
  3. The Muslim community simply want to embarrass this weak government and divert attention from the real problem which is, the Intelligence Services failed to spot these fanatics in our midst and do something about it.It is the duty of all decent muslims to report these fanatics accordingly.Britain will always be a target as long as we are shackled to the Americans.Asking a Labour government for an enquiry into their failures is like asking John Prescott why he is so damned ugly.
  4. Didn't you know? Everybody from the intelligence services was out partying after winning the 2012 olympics.

  5. I've always suspected the olympics might be fixed, but do they really decide the outcome of events that early?!
  6. To what extent does the Muslim Council of Britain actually represent the Muslim community? I am of the opinion that the MCB is actually something of a fringe group 'representative' of only a small section of the Muslim community.
  7. Not sure if they want to divert the attention but to bring to attention again the 'failure' of intel services but I agree and agree with the rest of it. If the MCB want an inquiry, perhaps they could visit the Finsbury Park mosque (it was said that at least one was a regular visitor) as well as the other 'recruiting' centres dotted around the SE and Mids, start making enquiries into origins of the brainwashing that led to 7/7 in the first place and encouraging those who have been approached since to come forward too.
  8. Well according to my tinfoil hat wearing co-iker, the reason they want an inquiry is to show that the bombings were the work of the UK/US security services.

    See any number of threads on here plus other websites showing how the narrative that the Government are to give out has been proven to be wrong/made up/lies.

    Heres a good one -

    Now you know the truth of why there will be no public inquiry. :roll:
  9. Steven - your link's dead.
  10. Why don't we have a public inquiry into an immigration policy that led to 7/7?
  11. The muslim council of britain were (are?) blairs tame muslims, one of the muslim groups blair licked arse to so he could get their vote. None of these unelected muslim councils have any intention of helping the security services stopping muslim terror. muslims want power and don't care how they get it. I'd trust what a muslims says as much as I'd trust what a BNP supporter said.
  12. To be honest I've been lurking on this site -> for some time and to be honest if the members herein are representative in anyway of the mainstream then there is a real problem in store for the future.
    The general thoughts on 7/7? Can't have been muslims as muslims wouldn't do that, therefore its a plot by the UK secret services/jewish powerbloc/corporate groups. Whats more worrying is the way most genuinely believe this as FACT.
  13. Public enquires end to develop a bloated life of their own - how much did the Bloody Sunday one cost again? And it did'nt even find an answer to the single most important question; how the Paras managed to fire over 100 rounds and only kill 13 bog-wogs. That is terrible marksmanship!
    Seriously, I don't see the point in yet another PE that will spend a lot of money and, in the end, tell us nothing we did'nt already know.
  14. Well, just one guy claimed he fired 22 rounds so that fcuked up the stats.