Muslim Convert Goes Out On The Lash.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. The Religion of Peace strikes again...


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  2. What have you been doing with it?

    Actually, don't answer that.
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  3. I've a notion he's not too keen on being a Muslim anymore but tickle tackle gone see. Everybody happy in Bradford. Tea? I'll have half a cup.
  4. Stupid man, converts to a religion but doesn't know about Sharia Law.....
    'He said that during his conversion to the Islamic faith he had never been told about sharia law punishment'
    .....He deserves another 40 for being so bone.
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  5. Some MPs would pay to dollar for that sort or punishment, he should consider himself lucky he got it for free.
  6. I can understand someone born into that particular faith wishing to get the fcuk out of Dodge ASAP and spend the rest of their (happy) life scoffing bacon sarnies and swilling goodly ale; but to convert themselves out of such an idyll? As my grandmother used to say: 'Don't be ******* ridiculous laddie!'
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  7. Am I correct in saying that the coccaine would not have attracted any punishment though - the use of drugs isnt forbidden in the Koran. I have a copy at home will check sometime if I can be bothered. And no not a convert, one of my lads brought it home from school once as part of the religoius diversity shit, and it never went back.
  8. Quite right. Coffee tables don't prop themselves up you know.
  9. Actually Pit, I get the impression these Islamic types prefer their adherents/converts to be a bit on the thick side, for all sorts of reasons.
  10. It's Bonfire Night soon - I'd burn the ******* thing, if I were you.
  11. Honestly, how could you be a four by or a mussie when you smell the bacon sizzling?
  12. After he pissed away all his money he was hoping for a whip-round amongst his mates.
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  13. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    A family member was seriously ill (going back about 15 years now) and in Hospital in Edinburgh, he asked me to get something out of the little cupboards thay have next to the bed. I opened the said cupboard and found a english translation of the Qoran, I asked him about this, and he said they were in every cupboard placed there by an islamic version of the Gideons.

    With such a Spanish sounding name, the 'vctim' may have muslim anscestors, could be descended from some of the 'moriscos' or could just be reverting to type if descended from numpty's.