Muslim convert from 'My Brother, The Islamist' admits terrorism charge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DeltaDog, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. In the report, the guy in the photo bottom right with the upside down head was a Met PCSO for 2 years.
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  2. good.
    but it still doesn't solve the problem i'm afraid :/
  3. What problem?
  4. The spread of absurd facial hair.
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  5. Newer trust a man with a beard.
  6. I can just see him dressed as the Honey Monster.......which is technically a bear.

    Joking aside, no surprise as I knew him quite well from living in Weymouth. My mum is friends with his mum and both he and his brother came round for tea once. Wierd.

    I can't remember if it was pork, I hope it was. I'll ask mum.
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  7. From now on I shall refer to my mum's friend as Mrs Honey Monster and get blank looks whenever i do so. I love subtle humour - it's so underused here on Arrse.
  8. Women with beards are equally untrustworthy.
  9. Can we kill all the beardies now?